Akudol (アクドル ) or Demdol and Evidol is a terminology used in Mairimashita! Iruma-kun Universe to portray Idols in the Demon World. It plays an important role for demons who experience Evil Cycles.


Alice explaining Akudol

The word Akudol comes from the characters 悪取ル which means to take evil. Being an akudol's main task is to counterattack the negative effects that comes with the Evil Cycle, on which watching Akudols to perform are one of few entertainments to keep Demons in check[1].

Watching Akudol performances in a concert or in online lives has tremendous effect on demon's wicked phases because the gathering and simultaneously streaming is immense. With this, their evil thoughts instantly turn into excitement at once, thus relieves such amounts of stress from them.


These activities and performances receive warm reception in the demon world, as such most of them tries to get popular as much as they can. For example, performing in a massive topography like the Makubari Dome, or having extensive productions that produces lives from the Day, Noon and Night times.

In some cases, some show acts has Meet and Grate (悪取会両 \ あくしゆかい) presentation afterwards. This is a sub-action where evil cycles can be further be disintegrate upon as fans grates their stress by holding an akudol's hands. A more personalized way of meet and grates are akudols presenting with Cuticle Interactions ( sdfgsd) on which they change their personality in what the fans like them to be.

List of Akudols


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