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Allocer Schneider is a freshman student attending Babylus alongside Suzuki Iruma in the Abnormal Class.


Allocer is a demon with the appearance of a lion with yellow fur with bits of brown at the tip of his ears, and a golden mane in spikes. He has black eyes with a notably vacant and blank stare and his mouth is always open, showing several sharp teeth.

After his training under General Furfur, he wears a black muzzle and keeps his mane-like hair more straight similar to a mohawk.


He often speaks in proverbs, and apparently knows a large amount of trivia.


Not much is known about his past.

He's characterized by his vast amount of knowledge, for which he scores first among the first-year students in the final year test. Thanks to this he is promoted from Aleph [1] directly to Gimel [3][1].


Vast Knowledge: Allocer is considered one of the highest-ranked out of all the first-year students and possibly the entire student body on terms of academics and has a wide degree of knowledge on all subjects related to the Netherworld. Whether this is because of a Bloodline Magic or simply his own abilities is yet to be revealed.

Bloodline Magic; Transform: He is capable of using magic to perfectly disguise himself as someone else.



  • In demonology, Allocer is a Great Duke of Hell, and commands over thirty-six legions of demons. He induces people to immorality and teaches arts and all mysteries of the sky.


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