Ameri's Theory is the sixth episode of the anime series Mairimashita! Iruma-kun.


The Honor Student Iruma has made quite the amount of noise since joining Babyls. He has gained friends, notoriety and respect. However, he is unaware of the suspicion building against him from the student council president, Ameri.

Iruma rides to school in a carriage driven by Lord Sullivan. Opera rolls out a carpet for him to exit, much to Iruma's dislike to stand out. Not long until Clara and Azz are fighting for his attention. Lord Sullivan offers Iruma a hellphone before he leaves.

Today is the first day students will attend classes with different teachers. In the Botany Tower, they are using magic to grow plants. Stolas Suzie demonstrates this with the spell "quan quan" and goes from student to student to see how they are doing. Student council stops by the tower to watch the underclassmen. Sabnock and Azz get into a quarrel over their flowers. Clara's flower was nothing short of a monstrosity. Iruma apologizes to his flower that he cannot help it grow, but he envisions sakura blossoms from back home. After saying the incantation, Lord Sullivan calls Iruma on his hellphone saying that he forgot to mention that he can use magic with the feeder ring now, but should wait for him to put an output control on it. A massive sakura tree busts from the pot and engulfs the whole tower. No one in the underworld has witnessed such a plant, however Ameri recognizes it as something from the human world.

Very few demons know of humans and that they are real. Ameri is from a bloodline that studied and collected information about humans. In her office is a collection of shoujo manga, but she cannot read any of it. She considers it priceless artifacts of humans. Demons not having the same perception of relationships and culture as humans, she finds the sappy manga artwork to be scarily tempting and have mysterious powers hence it makes her blush when she looks through them. She wonders if humans are able to make others fall in love with them in ways no one can resist.

Iruma is cleaning up the mess his sakura tree caused when he bumps into Ameri. The manga she was reading slid from her pocket and hit the ground.





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