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Ami Kirio is a former third-year student in Babyls Demon School, and the former representative of the Magical Apparatus Battler. While his demon ranking is Beth (2) and is considered a physically and magically weak demon, he was the mastermind behind the attack during the Battler Party and the main antagonist during that time.

Despite his harmless appearance, Kirio actually enjoys seeing people in despair and plots to destroy Babyls. He is the current leader of the notorious group, the Six Fingers, and sides with the ideal of Baal to eliminate the current system in the Demon World.


Kirio has short turquoise hair parted down the middle and eyes of the same color. He has a beauty mark under his left eye. He has pointed ears and wears ear cuffs, has purple nails, and a pair of asymmetrical horns. The horn on the right side of his head is larger than the one on the left as he broke it when he was a child.

He wears the standard boys' school uniform, plus a short white cape around his shoulders along with a pair of large circular glasses and a choker with a stone that stores magical energy which he received from Baal.


Despite appearing gentle, meek, and smiling all the time at first, it is later shown that he can be quite cunning and manipulative.

He is also extremely perverted and sadistic in nature, deriving pleasure from others' pain and suffering against their will. He enjoys it so much that he'll go to great lengths to cause suffering to his victims and even revel in his own misfortune as shown when Iruma ruined his plans.

He is one of the few who are considered as "Returned to Origins."


When he was a child, Kirio's magic power capacity was measured and found to be none, which worried and disappointed his family as their household was known for its notably high power capacity.

He was then sent to Demon Children's Garden, an elementary correctional institution that raises and exerts full control over young demons. There, he experiences a strict and harsh environment as he was told he was dirtying his family name and was bullied for it. Amidst the negativity in the garden, he met and befriended a girl around his age at that time who was similar to him in terms of grades. She let him touch her charm, her grandmother's earring, which she said would make him feel more cheerful. However, the bullies took it and threw it off the cliff. Kirio managed to catch it with his barrier, but it broke as he lost focus and the earring fell while the girl watched in despair. After the incident, the girl quit the Garden while Kirio was forced to remain by his parents.

The despairing face the girl made remained in Kirio's mind which made him realize how much he liked seeing such expressions. He even mentioned that he felt a thrilling ecstasy the first time he saw it.


Battler Events Arc

Kirio was walking along the corridor when Iruma crashed onto him and strangled him. Iruma immediately let go and apologized to which Kirio assured him he's fine. Kirio notices Iruma's ring and says it must've reacted since both the ring and his choker were made of the same material. While talking, two freshmen pass by and complain about the mess. At first, they panicked a bit when they noticed Kirio is an upperclassman, but when they saw his badge, one of them hits him then they walked off laughing.

Iruma didn't understand why they were disrespectful to him in which Kirio explains he's still a Beth (2) despite being an upperclassman and has weak magical energy. He also tells Iruma of his dream, which is to someday create a magical tool that can be used by demons like him who has little to no magical power and then walks off.

Kirio encounters Iruma again after an explosion from a failed experiment. Kirio then invites Iruma to look around the room of the Magical Tools Research Division, in which he showed some of the tools including Gabu-ko. Iruma finds shattered pieces and began assembling them while Kirio recalled it broke when Iruma crashed onto him. After assembling the heart-shaped spare part, Kirio was amazed and Iruma tells him how he became good at assembling things. Kirio then activates Gabu-ko with the part Iruma fixed and emits a light that fascinated Iruma. Kirio explains the use of Gabu-ko and about how magical energy is important in the Demon World and even in school since there's a ranking system that makes the distinction between low and high rank clear.

Kirio, as leader of the Six Fingers.

Iruma relates to it as he also naturally doesn't have magical energy and is also a Beth (2) and asks if he could join the division. The next day, Iruma visits him along with Alice and Clara and the three join the division.

During the Battler Party, Kirio, along with Iruma, Alice, and Clara decided to put on a fireworks show as their presentation. unbeknownst to everyone, Kirio was planning on destroying the school along with a magically amplified firework ball hoping to destroy the school and its students to see the faces of despair among its students and the parents that will be attending.

On the eve of the Battler Party, while preparing for their presentation the school was suddenly encased in a barrier created by Kirio's magic supplemented by his necklace (which stores magic). This led Iruma to confront Kirio in his secret room leading to Iruma foiling his plans by throwing the firework ball into the air with max power from the Ring of Gluttony. After his plan was foiled, Kirio calmly surrendered to the teachers and the police department.

Walter Park Arc

After the events of the Battler Party, Kirio was sentenced to two years in prison at Wlavras Prison located beneath Walter Park. He was broken out of prison by members of the Six Fingers during Iruma & friend's trip to the park by summoning three beasts to wreak havoc in the park above.

Music Festival Arc

After the presentation of the Abnormal Class at the music festival, Kirio was waiting at his former club room in hopes of seeing Iruma. Instead, he was greeted by Asmodeus Alice, after having a short conversation, Alice attacked him as Kirio shows eyes of those whom have succumbed to their Evil Cycle, and have "returned to origins", angrily asking as to why would Kirio want to see Iruma.

Kirio, along with a member of the Six Fingers eventually left the school after meeting with the former Thirteen Crown's Poro to discuss the possible revival of Demon King Derkila.


Inherited Magic - Barrier: It allows him to make invisible walls, but will crack when he loses focus. He has never been seriously injured from explosions thanks to this ability which makes it more of a defensive type, but he still pukes blood from the recoil. At his strongest, he can also make a maze-like structure with it, moving the walls around in the process. The barrier can only be permanently broken by the power of a Yod class as it regenerates when damaged by lower classes.


Suzuki Iruma

He and Kirio were on the path of becoming friends but things took a path of the worse. Initially believing him to be similar, Kirio warmed up to Iruma but during his plan to destroy Babalyis, learned that they were not so alike since rather than despair at the hopeless situation he's created, Iruma instead did everything he could to protect everyone. Despite this, Kirio still holds Iruma to a degree of admiration. Upon learning that Iruma was a human, Kirio became ecstatic in thinking of how to see Iruma despair if he were to eat him.

Asmodeus Alice

Initially on good terms, however, after the incident during the Battler Party, Alice was not informed of Kirio's sudden disappearance from the school. When Alice was supposed to retrieve a feather from the club room, he suddenly saw Kirio and had a short conversation before attacking Kirio due to Kirio's eyes reflecting those whom have "returned to origins", angrily inquiring as to why would someone like him (Kirio) want to meet Iruma.


He is Kirio's senior, and the founder of the Magical Apparatus Battlers. Kirio sought him out as a child with the hopes of looking for other people like him. Baal took Kirio under his wing, taught him, and gave him gifts. Despite how 'crudely' Baal talks to him, Baal really trusts Kirio and vice versa.

Amy Ami

She is Kirio's mother and head of the Ami family. she seems to be disappointed in Kirio's lack of magical capabilities.

Yumeko Culus

She was once his friend at The Garden of Delinquents.

Six Fingers

They are a group of terrorists who serve Kirio as one of their leaders.


  • In demonology, Amy (also spelled as Amii, Auns, Hanar, and Hanni) is a President of Hell, having 36 legions of demons under his command. He can teach astronomy and liberal arts, giving familiars, incite positive reactions from rulers, and reveal treasures. He is depicted as a flame before turning into a more human-like form, and according to many authors, is also one of the demons that possess the futile hope of returning to heaven.
  • Kirio speaks with Kansai dialect (Kyoto-ben to be more specific).
    • However, according to the author's tweet, she calls it Keihan-ben, which is spoken by Kirio's family and others around the area they live in.
  • According to the author's tweet, Kirio likes lightly seasoned food such as tofu.
  • His inmate ID number is 1313.
  • Ami Kirio's name is officially spelled with a 'w' (Ami Kiriwo). The w is very soft in Japanese, however, so to English speakers the sound is virtually the same.