Andro M. Jazz is a freshman at Babylus Demon School. He follows the same class as Iruma Suzuki, also known as the Abnormal Class.


He is of average height, has short black hair, and has both ears pierced. On his hands, he wears gold rings (which are training rings for his inherited magic). His outfit is a tattered black shirt underneath the boys' Babylus jacket and pants uniform.


He has a relaxed personality and hates to work hard on things (such as stealing from Kelego, though after he did he was really happy). He enjoys stealing things from others.


Jazz's whole family likes stealing. They feel that if you get something stolen from you it is you're own fault. Jazz's brother older brother Rock often steals from him.


Infrared Sense: He can see the items hidden on a person's body and the quickest route to them. The rings on each of his fingers will clatter together from a single wasted movement alerting the prey, the sound of failure. They are leashes.

  • Serpent Thieves: A technique passed down by the Andro Family. When his fingers are stretched to their limit, they can move freely, resembling snakes.


Training Rings: These ten rings on each of Jazz's fingers provide a guide for him to successfully use his bloodline magic, since he cannot use the magic on his own.



  • In demonology, Andromalius is a number in hell, 36 laws of demons under his command. You can reasonably read, you can bring strength, punish and uncover and discover hidden treasures, all wickedness and the relationship with the dishonest. He is described as a man holding a large snake in his hand.
  • Jazz's ability 'Pit' refers to the infrared-sensitive receptor know as the pit organ of snakes which allows them to "see" via infrared thermal radiation.
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