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Andro M. Jazz is a freshman at Babylus Demon School. He follows the same class as Iruma Suzuki, also known as the Abnormal Class.


He is of average height, has short black hair, and has both ears pierced. On his hands, he wears gold rings (which are training rings for his inherited magic). His outfit is a tattered black shirt underneath the boys' Babylus jacket and pants uniform.


He has a relaxed personality and hates to work hard on things (such as stealing from Kelego, though after he did he was really happy). He enjoys stealing things from others.


Jazz's whole family likes stealing. They feel that if you get something stolen from you it is your own fault. Jazz's brother older brother Rock often steals from him.


Babyls Enrollment Arc

On the first day of school, Jazz was already stealing from his schoolmates. During the first class activity of the Abnormal Class, Jazz was given the rank of Gimel (3) for his performance.

Battler Party Arc

During the Battler Party, Jazz joined the Magic Development Battlers, in which they showcased magic that turns stone into water. Their presentation merited them 2nd Place "Awesome Award".

Royal One Acquisition Arc

When the Abnormal Class was trying to get the school to allow them to use the Royal One as their official classroom, Jazz was assigned to steal Kalego's diary and give it to Morax Momonoki in exchange for her to sign the petition for them to transfer to the Royal One.

Walter Park Arc

After their final examination Jazz went to Walter Park along with the rest of the Abnormal Class. During their visit to the amusement part, he was grouped with Shax, Gaap, Caim, and Allocer, with Kalego as their entourage. While they were wandering in the park and trying to have fun, the group Six Fingers suddenly attacked by summoning three beasts in order to create a diversion while breaking out Amy Kirio from the jail below.

During the attack Jazz along with his classmates asked Kalego to help them take out the beast, but to their dismay, Kalego told them that the battle would be a great opportunity for them to hone their skills and therefore refused to help them. This, at the request of his classmates, made him take charge of their situation, working together to eventually take down the beast.

Harvest Festival Arc

When classes resumed, their homeroom teacher Kalego informed the entire Abnormal Class that the Royal One requires students worthy of its standing, therefore requiring all students of the class to rank up to Daleth (4) before the end of the school year.

In order to accomplish the task of reaching rank 4, students of the Abnormal Class were assigned to special tutors to aid them in raising their ranks. Jazz along with Allocer was assigned to General Furfur.

During their training, they were brought to the underworld club Valhalla where they had fun the entire night. The following day, they were sold off by General Furfur to work in the club to pay for both their stay the previous day, and his previous debt to the club. This experience working in a world filled with cunning adults honed their skills in deception and tactics.

During the Harvest Festival Jazz teamed up with Allocer. On the first day of the festival, they deceived and scammed numerous people, such as Solas Bobo of the Diabotany Battlers, for their ingredients (points). When the second day came, Jazz was disqualified after he directly hit Orobus Coco in retaliation for using his bloodline magic "Trauma" against him. Jazz then proceeded to the dropout tent along with Allocer, who was still not yet disqualified and proceeded to attempt to get back at Orobus by guiding Allocer from the dropout tent through a communicator. Their actions teaming together led to the victory of Iruma and Shax as the Young Kings.

Music Festival Arc

Jazz was part of the Abnormal Class' musical presentation entitled "Lilith's Red Carpet" he was part of the dance group. After the Music Festival, he along with the rest of the class was promoted to the rank of Daleth (4) for their performance (except for Iruma, who was promoted to rank 5).


Pit (Furtive Glance): He can see the items hidden on a person's body and the quickest route to them. The rings on each of his fingers will clatter together from a single wasted movement alerting the prey, the sound of failure. They are leashes[2]

Serpent Thieves: A technique passed down by the Andro Family. When his fingers are stretched to their limit, they can move freely, resembling snakes.


Training Rings: Jazz has ten rings, one on each finger which makes noise when it touches. This serves as a means of training for him to consciously stretch his fingers to maximize the use of his technique "Serpent Thieves". [2]

Ear Blast Flute (Flute of Shame): A flute was given to Jazz by his elder brother Rock. Once used, the flute emits a powerful sound wave affecting everybody within the vicinity except its user. The more magic one puts into using it, the stronger the sound waves will be. It was initially given to Jazz with the intention of allowing him to escape if he were to be caught stealing. [3]



  • In demonology, Andromalius is a Great Earl in hell with 36 legions of demons under his command. He can reasonably read, bring strength or punish, and uncover and discover hidden treasures, all wickedness and the relationship with the dishonest. He is described as a man holding a large snake in his hand.
  • Jazz's ability 'Pit' refers to the infrared-sensitive receptor know as the pit organ of snakes which allows them to "see" via infrared thermal radiation.
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