Asmodeus Amaryllis is the Head of Lust of the 13 Crowns. She is very doting on her son, Asmodeus Alice.


A tall beautiful woman with long pink hair. She has magenta eyes paired with long pink eyelashes and pointed ears with earrings. She also wears a very revealing outfit that shows off her voluptuous figure, having it show her cleavage and having it held by a very thin piece of strings around the abdomen to make it more seductive. She is such a seductive beauty that when she went to the school festival, both males and females were blushing from the very sight of her.


She is a very doting mother, finishing her work and going to the school festival for her son in order to spend some time with him.

True to both her name and title, she has a somewhat of a lewd mind, asking Iruma if his firework is an erotic tool.


Mystical Instinct: Amaryllis has an out-of-this-world sixth sense that allows her to know a certain event in a way of feeling and identify it throughout.



Asmodeus Alice


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