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Azazel Ameri (or Amelie) is the student council president of Babyls. One of the few convinced humans exist, despite them only being myth in the Demon World, her theories are confirmed when she realizes Iruma to be one.


Ameri has long hip-length reddish-orange hair and red eyes. She has two long orange tufts protruding from her hair resembling horns or ears, which can show Ameri's emotions. She is quite tall, towering over most of the students and has a slim and curvaceous figure and is considered very beautiful by many students. Her fingernails are short and red.

During her time when her personality was changed, the tufts on her head sank down on the side, and she wore a usual school uniform. Her facial features were much more softer and gentle. Many of the students found her to be very cute.

She often wears a white sheer undershirt connected to a black choker on her neck, atop a black and white sleeveless vest with a sweetheart neckline and an orange collar. She also wears an orange and white skirt, pale pink thigh-high socks, and orange knee-high boots.


Ameri is initially seen as a rather strict, cold and imposing person, disciplining demons that cause trouble in the school. She is rather serious, with a sense of responsibility in her actions as a student council president. Because of this, she can be quite forceful, using her strength and intimidating image to put demons in their place. She can have a temper, but her anger is only directed at a potential threat to her or the school. Despite this, she does not abuse her power and has helped several students who were former delinquents improve their academics and position, earning her their undying loyalty.

She does have a sweet side, however, which can be seen in her love of romance manga, specifically 'Sweet Time Memory', a shoujo high school romance story. She blushes and smiles when gazing at the panels, even though she can't read them herself. Whenever this topic is brought up, she tends to get embarrassed easily and is likely inexperienced in romance. This is especially true in regards to her love life. After realizing her feelings for Iruma, she has since become more shy and bashful in his presence yet tries to maintain her tough image, making her somewhat of a tsundere around him, but aware of her feelings for him. She's also developed a running gag of misunderstanding some of what he says as romantic when he never said anything like that and Ameri realizing that he never did say such things when he points it out.

Ameri is also a very capable student, ranking a Vau (6) despite being only a 2nd year, the highest rank for a student in the entire school. Iruma commented on how amazing she is for being the student president despite only being a 2nd year student. During the Walter Park, she easily defeated the rat demon by herself without any damage (though she did suffer drawbacks from her magic). Opera, Sullivan's servant and a powerful demon themselves, praised her skills commenting how much potential she has for someone so young. Intelligently, Ameri is also very smart and perceptive, as she was the only person in the whole school to correctly deduce Iruma is human based by the few odd achievements he achieved during his time there. And after their first meeting (and how she perceived he was "trying" to make her fall for her) she viewed this deduction as confirmed.

Ameri is a firm believer in the concept of 'ambition'; a goal to strive towards and better yourself for. She believes that everyone should have their own ambition, to help others better themselves and strive for a goal in life, such as telling Iruma to learn to find an ambition for himself after learning he never thought of one. Her ambition is to improve the learning environment for the students and make the school a respected establishment, before helping her father in his work. She admits, though, that she also wouldn't mind running a bakery or flower store in the future. After Opera offered her a job as the principles assistant after graduating, she at first declined, but after realizing she'd be living with Iruma in the same house, (which she compares to being marriage) she immediately told Opera that she'd reconsider the offer.

In spite of her usually strict and intimidating image, Ameri is truly a kind and thoughtful person, often putting others before herself. Although she usually punishes other demons for their brash behavior, she does so out of noble intentions, primarily to ensure the others in the school are safe. She also is not the type to discriminate, as even after knowing Iruma is human, she still interacts with him, encourages him to make an ambition for himself and even admitted she fell for him despite knowing he's human.

Because of her duties to the student council, Ameri has a very busy schedule and rarely has time for herself. When she does, she enjoys spending time with Iruma and having him read "Sweet Time Memory" with her. Although she forced him at first to read it (and due to Iruma unable to deny requests from others), she later learned to give him choices of his own, but continues to read them to her due to him liking doing so. Furthermore, her responsibilities also made her realize that prior to meeting Iruma, similar to Clara and Iruma, she never had any friends since entering school. However, over time she seems to have formed her own friendship with Valac Clara, Crocell Kerori, and Ix Elizabetta during a girls-only sleepover and allowing her to relax and befriend them.

When a fan club member casts magic that temporarily changes her personality, she becomes very meek and shy. She displays a more gentle personality who gets easily flustered by her surroundings that she even changed her dress because of how embarrassing it was. This personality was willing to give up her position as a student council president and be a normal student as long as she was with Iruma. When Iruma tells her such a desire is empty and reminds her ambitions (something she also told him), she slowly regained her confidence and reverted back to her original personality.

One can tell what emotion Ameri is having by looking at her ear-like hair locks, if they are oblique, she is confident; when she is confused, they stay down midway; if she is shocked or surprised, they are fully erect, and when she is embarrassed or sad, her ears are down.


Royal One Acquisition Arc

Ameri was approached by Iruma, while he was in his Evil Cycle, who hoped to obtain her signature to improve his class' chances of acquiring Royal One. In her head, she wanted to give him her signature without a second's thought, but she was able to calm herself down. After Iruma tells her that he would do anything for her, she asks why he wants the classroom so badly, stating that as president of the Student Council, she can't do anything without a plausible reason. He gets close to her physically and tells her that this is because he wants the entire school to recognize his class as outstanding for their free-will and spirit.[2] She ultimately gives in and gives him her signature.[3] After he returns to normal, she is approached by him again where he apologizes for his behavior, but she flusteredly tells him to not worry about it.[4]

First Term Final Exam's Arc

Ameri gets called by Iruma after she places Elicos Schenell in his Division and asks why. Ameri explains that Schenell proved to be too difficult for even the Student Council to handle, so she decided to place him in a Division without second-years that she can keep her eyes on: his. Ameri also adds that Schenell was capable of creating a personality-altering artifact on his own, showing promise that she believes Iruma will be able help hone.[5]

Due to his preparation for the final exam, Ameri was unable to reach out to Iruma for their private reading session. Now that the exam had ended, she started preparing for their session by setting out tea and cookies. When the door opens, however, in comes Clara, who reveals that Iruma can't come because he is with the boys in the class celebrating, which she learns is true after checking her phone and seeing his text, disappointing her. She then gets dragged by Clara to another room with Elizabetta and Kerori for a girl group. When the topic starts with romance, Clara says she likes Iruma, which causes Ameri to realize Clara is a girl. Elizabetta mentions Iruma during his Evil Cycle, and Kerori says that she finds him reliable and cool, all the while Ameri becomes annoyed by the conversation and by the fact she hasn't gone on a date with Iruma yet, though she does say she understands how Sayo from 'Sweet Time Memory' felt. Elizabetta asks if Ameri has someone she likes because she thinks she has lots of love experience. Giving in to the peer pressure, Ameri says she met the 'other' at a collision, which Elizabetta says is effective.

After Elizabetta asks Clara if she would like to marry Iruma, Ameri starts growing nervous and sees Clara as a rival, though she herself would be asked if she would like to marry Iruma, causing her to fantasize about it. Eventually, the four of them become exhausted from talking as a result of the tea Ameri brought. Afterwards, having grown close to the three of them, she tells them that they can address her by her name outside of her duties and admits she had fun with everyone. She later chases Iruma out of the room alongside the other girls when he comes into the room.[6]

Walter Park Arc

Ameri gets invited by Iruma to join him and his class to Walter Park for their break, which she accepts, though she mistakenly believed it would have been just the two of them on a date.[7] She also ends up in Opera's chaperone group alongside the rest of the girls, which also upsets her as she is again separated from Iruma, who was in Balam Shichiro's group.[8] Their first stop is a clothing store, where Ameri tries on a dress that she receives compliments for from the other girls despite her worries that it isn't very practical for fighting. She ends up posing for a picture with the others provided by Miki and Hyudarin.[9] She later learns about Iruma getting separated from his group and scolds him for being too relaxed.[10]

When Six Finger's begins their attack on Walter Park, her group encounters the Panther Rat summoned by them. She is told by Opera to take everyone to evacuate while they deal with the monster. She succeeds and immediately returns to back Opera up, saying that she can't turn her back and run during a crisis. They ask her to handle its many tails, only for them to notice Clara holding on to one of them.[11] She asks Opera to save Clara while she fights the Panther Rat and activates her Bloodline Magic: Romanticist (King of Delusions), giving her the strength to fight it off. She also hums the song she heard when Iruma was performing as an Akudol to give her motivation, and she succeeds in defeating the monster by striking its weak point.

She does get upset with herself for feeling the recoil of her Bloodline Magic but Opera commends her and suggests she has more room to grow. They offer her to work with him as Sullivan's assistant so they can train together, but while Ameri feels honored, she tells them that she has already chosen to work with her father. When Opera mentions that she would live in the same house as Iruma should she accept Opera's offer, she tells him that she will consider their offer while blushing heavily. Afterward, she scolds Clara for putting herself in danger despite wanting to help them by providing weapons.[12][13] After all the monsters are defeated, Six Fingers merges them into a giant, which converges on Shichiro's group's location. Thankfully she and Opera arrive on the scene and block the monster's beam attack. She watches in shock at how Shichiro, Opera, and a summoned Kalego were able to defeat the monster instantly, albeit individually rather than coordinated.

When Six Fingers force the monster to self-destruct, Ameri hides in a hole created by Agares Picero with his Bloodline Magic. She is unable to fight it due to its unstable structure but watches in shock as Iruma uses Arikured to devour the monster, thus saving the park from destruction. She briefly scolds him for his unprompted action, but she listens to him announce his ambition to Kalego.[14][15] [16] She rides with the others on a large float provided by Lomiere and his father to celebrate their victory over the attacking monsters, and afterward, she went with the girls to the clothes store in the Roosevelt Hotel, where she expresses relief that everyone is okay-before getting on board with eating cake at the buffet.

She notices Iruma walking away from the party and follows him to the balcony, where the night view and quiet place instantly reminded her of a scene from "Sweet Time Memories". She tries to calm down as she calls to him, where he turns around and compliments her dress, flustering her. He then reminds her about when they talked about ideals and ambitions, and now he has changed his ambition to "protecting [his] ideals", which is to have fun with everyone. Therefore, he asks her to keep watching over him, which she accepts, inwardly saying that every time he leaves her sight, he grows stronger. She calls him greedy and prepares to ask him something regarding just the two of them, but the moment is interrupted by Clara and Alice looking for him. Just as Ameri was about to forget about asking him, Iruma ends up telling her that they should go somewhere together just the two of them, causing her to blush even harder.[17][18]

End of Final Days Arc

Before the school year resumed, Ameri attended a Devilum, claiming to Asmodeus Alice, who was also attending, that she came because her father forced her to, but in actuality, she came out of spite because Iruma went to a Sabbath and interacted with other girls, which made her extremely jealous. Nevetheless, the two convese with each other and admit how interesting life is when around Iruma. She notices the servant from earlier approach Alice for a dance before getting pushed aside by Luluu Uval for her to ask, causing her to become irritated by the way she was using her. Before she could do anything though, she watches Alice dance with the servant, and applauds their performance afterwards. After Alice receives a picture of Iruma and Clara studying together, she overhears their conversation and demands details out of jealousy.[19][20]

On the last day before the second term begins, Iruma reached out to Ameri for a day with just the two of them. The two go to an aquarium/water park called "Aqua Case", with Ameri trying to using "Sweet Time Memories" as a reference to create the perfect date with Iruma, first by surprising him with the revalation that Aqua Case is also a place to swim. For phase 2, she tries to hold his hand, but accidentally grabs his arm instead, causing her to realize how large she actually is compared to him. Nevertheless, she attempts to create another intimate moment on a water slide since that means he will be holding her. Sadly, their size difference resulted in the opposite, but she hoped through contact they would get close, only for the speed of the slide to keep her from holding on to him for long.

Ameri continues to keep her wits up and find a special moment for the two of them, but her incredible strength and the park's strange food keep hindering her, and her constant suppressing of her feelings are starting to get to her, though she does take a moment to answer Iruma's question about whether she is having fun or not, which she answers with a "yes". She still desires to make a romantic moment, which she tries to do by watching a large monster attraction. She tries to converse with Iruma and compare the beast to him and his appetite, but he ends up getting picked up by the beast due to his perfume being washed off. She angrily attacks it to free him, and while everyone praised her for her strength, she feels she blew their date because now she feels Iruma will see her as too aggressive, lamenting that this was the worst date ever.

Iruma, however, notifies Ameri about a cut on her leg and asks if she can walk. She asks, without thinking, if she says she couldn't, would he carry her. To her complete surprise, he manages to pick her up with help from magic. She starts laughing and calls this the best date ever, before asking him to take her to the bench on the second floor, to his dismay.[21]

Special Tutor Training Arc

During Iruma's training for the Harvest Festival, Ameri decides to visit him under the guise of giving him advice and cheering him up, but secretly because she missed him. When she walks into the Division room, she finds Elicos Schenell's bow shaped like her. At first, she became embarrassed at the idea that Iruma made it to compensate for not being able to see her, but she finds Schenell's name on it, irritating her and causing her to confiscate it while also leaving a note for Schenell to turn himself over to the Student Council for inappropriate conduct.

Harvest Festival Arc

During the Harvest Festival, Ameri along with the rest of the Student Council were tasked with rescuing students who withdrew. Her subordinate Astaroth Smoke, who she partnered with, complimented Ameri for joining the rest of the council when she could have easily entrusted everything to them, but her real reason for joining them was because she hoped to encounter Iruma, which she hasn't because they are in different blocks.

Smoke starts reminiscing about when Ameri participated last year and how she won first place after fighting 6666 minutes straight, leading her to be called "Young King Ameri". Ameri accepts her praise humbly. When Smoke mentions that Iruma has zero points and that if he wants to win he will have to find the Legendary Leaf, Ameri thinks back to when she tried to find it herself, but she couldn't, only learning about it afterwards. Smoke says that it might be impossible for Iruma to acquire a lot of points, but Ameri confidently says that 'her' Iruma goes beyond expectations since he has done many "impossible" things, and is therefore looking forward to seeing him climb to Rank 4 so dedicatedly.

Smoke teasingly asks if that is the reason why she likes him so much, causing her to blush hardly and admit it, leading to Smoke suggesting that he may present her with a bouquet of Legendary Leaves, causing her to fantasize a scenario of him proposing to her with it. She gets snapped back to her senses when she receives an alert about a commotion in the spectator's tent. She arrives on the scene to witness the students betting and cheering like crazy and demands everyone be quiet, which they do. She interrogates one of the students she believes started the betting ring, but he confesses he was just helping the recently withdrawn student who actually started it, who is revealed to be Andro Jazz, who she sees eating alongside Allocer Schneider. She demands they explain themselves and listens to Jazz and Schneider recount their experience with Orobus Coco. When she hears Schneider say that Coco was targeting the entire Abnormal Class, she grows worried about Iruma.[22][23] Later she watches Eiko move through the forest quickly and praises her skills.

Near the end of the Harvest Festival, she witnesses the fruits of Jazz and Schneider's trick on Coco to steal the Pot of Ending from him and sees it delivered to Iruma, while praising the two of them for being quick-witted and persistent, as well as using the withdrawal tent to their advantage, and calls them a good team. She also says that all of the Abnormal Class have demonstrated incredible growth throughout the Harvest Festival, citing that any one of them could be the "Young King".[24]

When the festival finally concludes and Iruma and Lied are announced the winners, Ameri finally approaches Iruma to praise him, before revealing that his new friend, Ampsey Nafra, was also a member of the Student Council who was also a part of the challenge of finding the Legendary Leaf, and afterwards she watches said leaf explode into a sakura tree.[25]

She watches the awards ceremony and congratulates Iruma and Lied for not only coming first, but ranking up as well. Later, she announces the beginning of the after party and leaves it to her subordinates.[26] [27]

Post-Harvest Festival Arc

After a long time, Ameri and Iruma are finally able to have another reading session, with Ameri praising all of Iruma's additional gestures. She becomes interested in how the focal point of the chapter was sweets, which Iruma picks up on, as Ameri explains that while she is interested in making sweets, she is banned from the kitchen in her home. Iruma decides to invite her to his house to cook together, which she happily agrees to.

Unfortunately, due to both Iruma and Ameri lacking any true cooking experience, they end up creating something monstrous that they take pride in creating before Opera corrects them. Opera decides to take over and teach her and Iruma the right way to cook, which they accept. Thanks to his guidance, they succeed in baking actual cookies. While wrapping them up, Ameri is asked by Iruma about who she will give her cookies to. She responds by lifting Iruma up on the counter to look at him at face level and presents her bag to him, calling it a proper and formal congraulatory gift for placing first in the Harvest Festival. He accepts the gift with delight, causing her to smile as well.

The two would later go on to ask Opera to teach them other recipes to cook, much to their chagrin.[28]

Music Festival Arc

With four weeks left before the Music Festival, Ameri tasks Lomiere and Nafra with reviewing the first year's musical performances. When Lomiere refuses due to feeling like he has had nothing but menial tasks one after another and because he can't stand Nafra's stench, Ameri manipulates him into going by mentioning that this could be the perfect opportunity for him to make a name for himself around them since the Student Council interacts with the student body. After they leave, Ameri starts fantasizing about what kind of performance Iruma would put on, and gushes at how everything would look good on him.

Later, she receives a complaint from Zagan Johnny Western and Kimaris Quichelight about Lomiere and Nafra annoying the first years. To their surprise, Ameri doesn't react negatively, as she reveals to her subordinates that the reason why Lomiere is allowed to do as he pleases is because he knows what he is doing, citing the fact that he led his class to victory in last year's Music Festival and actually defeated her, which is why she believes he will be great inspiration, regardless of the complaints.[29]

During the Music Festival, she sets up a rather outlandish seat with several lights and cameras, claiming to her subordinates that as the Student Council, they must lead by example and enjoy the Music Festival more than anyone else, though it seems she was more interested in recording Iruma when he would step on stage, fantasizing that he might confess his love to her. She was surprised by the sudden arrival of Sullivan and Opera, who ended up intruding on her space.[30] After his performance, Ameri becomes incredible flustered by how handsome he looked while playing, to the point that she had to hide herself under a blanket and become unable to say anything to him in that moment.[31] She is able to send a text message to him after the reward ceremony hoping to congratulate him directly. [32]

Post Music Festival Arc

While walking through the school hallways, Ameri receives some documents from Smoke, who reports that despite that all the school year's events have concluded, they are still busy in terms of the closing budget. She teasingly asks if she wants to take a break or read something, which causes Ameri to flinch, but she maintains a poker face while returning to her office. When she sits down at her desk, she receives a text from Iruma for an invite for a reading session, which she happily accepts. [33] When the day starts arriving, Ameri becomes filled with anticipation, since they haven't been able to meet at all during the Music Festival. She admits she was a little upset he turned down her invitation to party with his classmates but acknowledges how good their performance was. She also reveals that it is only during times when she is alone with Iruma that she can just be herself rather than the peerless elite everyone looks up to.

Unfortunately, she ends up receiving an invitation from her father to attend a Devilculum as his plus one, and despite her protests that she is busy, he tells her that her attendance is essential if she aims to help him with his job in the future. When he asks if her ambition is so weak she would let the opportunity slip away, she replies "no". As a result, she tells Iruma that something came up so they will have to reschedule. Afterwards she thinks about how if Iruma had enrolled in school one year earlier, then maybe they could have gotten closer in a more natural way, but writes it off as a silly fantasy.

At the Deviculum, Ameri interacts with various people that work with her father and praise her for her accomplishments. While she sits, she notices several of them dancing and says that if she were to dance with someone, it would be Iruma. She gets approached by another noble demon who offers a dance with her and prepares to swallow her discomfort for the good of her father. Her attention gets directed though, by the surprise arrival of Iruma, who asks her for a dance, which leaves her very surprised.[34] Iruma takes her outside where they try to dance together, but Iruma apologizes and confesses he doesn't know how to. He explains he asked her because Opera said it is good manners, but he took her outside as to not embarrass her. She has a laugh at his kindness and offers to teach him herself, which delights the both of them as she compares the moment to that of a dream.

As they dance, Iruma says to Ameri that during the time they were apart, he wondered what she is to him, and he now has an answer. He calls her most wonderful when following her ambitions and he feels like he can do his best whenever he is with her. He says that she gave him a goal to aim for and she is waiting for him, and as a result, he wants to get closer to her. Ameri, in turn, embraces Iruma and confesses she too wanted to get close to him. After a moment of silence, she immediately backs up and tries to justify her actions by saying she got embarrassed when he praised her out of nowhere. To her surprise, he starts blushing himself.

Then next day, she walks around the hallways with a renewed vigor at her seemingly increased progress with Iruma, though it also makes their interactions much different now. [35][36]

She later gets a notification that Iruma's birthday was October 4th, horrifying her as the date was October 25th. Nevertheless she attended his Demonic Rite providing a rather large present and joining in on the festivities.

Akudol Games Arc

During the Akudol Games, Ameri was revealed to have been tasked with voluteering for the event as a security officer, requested by her father, who believes it will be good experience in terms of combat (and because he was upset at Iruma being with her during the Devilculum).[37] She recevies a report of a commotion in Kuromu's room where she is surprised by the presence of Iruma in his Irumi guise. Before she can say anything, she gets dragged inside and dressed up as an Akudol. When she demands an explanation, Kerori reveals her identity to her and that she had Iruma and Lied help her win the Akudol Games, and since they lost a member to Gyari, her sudden arrival makes her their savior. [38]

Despite understanding the situation, Ameri refuses to participate, citing herself as only a volunteer (with Kerori and Mar saying they will tell the security team that she will be helping them this way). Ameri reasons that she doesn't know anything about Akudols but Kerori offers to teach her. Finally, Ameri yells that the clothes they gave her are embarrassing, but Lied retorts that it's even more embarrassing for him and Iruma because they are crossdressing. She tries to deny she looks good, but Iruma calls her super cute, flustering her.

Kerori approaches Ameri and begs her for her help, saying that while she isn't very good at studying or magic, she never wavers in her pursuit as an Akudol. Seeing her ambition, Ameri agrees to help, citing how her music helped her previously and as Student Council president, she must help her students pursue their ambitions.

Despite talking big, after going out on stage with the rest of Team Devimuse in an outfit she considers 'skimpy', Ameri starts to lose her nerve a bit. Her first event is in the 66 Meter Sprint, where she gets cheered on by her teammates. As she receives praise for her size, she learns that none of the runners run seriously, as they say it makes them look less cute. Ameri says that she doesn't think a demon giving their all is embarrassing. When the race starts, she easily beats everyone and places first, leaving the crowd and competitors in awe while wondering if she acted too cute.[39]

Thanks to her skills, Ameri manages to win several sports-based events with the crowd cheering like crazy. Returning to her team, she receives praise from them, epsecially from Iruma who calls her the one who shone the brightest, causing her to gush at how cute Iruma is himself. She does offer to participate in the next event, but Lied says they can't rely on her for everything.[40] After the event, which was the Tail Wrestling event, concludes, Ameri comforts a defeated Lied and asks if he is okay, only to be annoyed by how he was defeated by her before seeing him pass out. She was, however, caught off guard by the sudden announcement that Kerori was going to marry Iruma.[41]

She learns afterwards from Iruma that the engagement was a stunt to rile Gyari up, and that it will be called off when the games are done. As a result, she resolves to end the games as fast as she can so she doesn't have to deal with this feeling of frustration, which she demonstrates by leading the charge in the Akudol Cavalry Battle.[42] She also becomes more defensive of Iruma during the event. After losing the event to Gyarki, Ameri helps the others cheer up Chima, who blamed herself for their loss, and listens to their next plan.[43] Ameri learns that for the final event, their team will be a "meanies-to-cuties switch" band and resolves to learn an instrument. She is rather disturbed by Iruma's sudden change into his Evil Cycle. Nevertheless, she plays the drums during the event.[44]

When the games finally conclude, Ameri and her team are announced the winners and congratulates Kerori, and she applauds for Gyarki's declaration of love to Kerori. She is unsettled by Kerori's announcement that the same team will participate next year though.[45] During Deviler's Eve, Ameri tries to keep Iruma from wandering off and drawing attention and hears him declare himself to be very uncomfortable with his current situation. Ameri says that she will try to understand this supposed "hobby" of his despite his attempts to explain himself. She becomes unnerved when Gyarki declares she will marry both Kerori and Iruma, hoping the engagement is a lie.[46]

13 Crowns Arc

Before the beginning of the second year, Ameri meets with Nafra, where she brings her to her meeting with the girls of the Abnormal Class, this time without her cloak so the others can see her true gender. Ameri also reveals to Nafra that the reason why she brought her is because Kerori couldn't make it, so she felt she would be a good addition.

After she calms down Elizabetta and Clara, the four converge around the table for their topic: fashion, and how to pull off a "mature young demoness" look. Elizabetta convinces Ameri to show her wings which the girls observe in awe, and later Clara uses magic to change Ameri's hair color to pastel blonde, to her annoyance that she did so without permission. Nevertheless, the four of them have a fun time together.[47]

Heartbreaker Arc

At the beginning of the second term, Ameri approached Chima to congratulate her for giving a very good opening speech and thanks her for everything during the Akudol Games and admitting she was surprised to see her at the school. When Chima looks at her in silence, Ameri asks Chima if she is surprised to see her too, but Chima tells her that she had actually been hoping to say something to her, which is a declaration that she will not lose to her. At first, Ameri believed she was referring to running for Student Council President, and starts to cheer her on, but when Iruma appears, she sees Chima immediately run up to him to talk to him and tells him that she plans on seizing "the number one spot," and she reacts in shock when she realizes what she meant. She then gets angry at Iruma for hoping she will fulfill that desire without understanding what she was talking about, thereby practically encouraging her new rival.[48][49]


Enhanced Strength: Ameri displays immense strength that she often uses to put students in line in school. With just a single kick, she's able to break down a hole in a stone wall in the school with ease.

Intelligence: Ameri has repeatedly shown herself to be a very perceptive woman, correctly deducing that Iruma is human due to the achievements he's done since entering and holding the position of student president despite only being a 2nd year.

Romanticist (King of Delusions) - The Azazel Family Bloodline Magic. By believing in her own strength, Ameri can draw out her maximum power, which makes it the mightiest buff magic of the Azazel Family since it releases all their power without any restraints. Because it is considered the ultimate self-hypnotism, it can be considered a double-edge sword that may even hurt the user if they are scared of the opponents they face. Thankfully, Ameri's iron will makes this not a problem for her. She will suffer from pain all over her body from using it all at once, though.


Azazel Henri

Ameri's father who is head of the Demon Border Control. Since at a young age, she's admired his work of catching bad guys and mentions that after she graduates from Babyls, she'll help out with his work. It's clear that both love each other very much as her father also somewhat dotes on her. She's also shown to be scared by him when he's mad after he assumes that she and Iruma are in a relationship and warns her not to associate with him being very well protected of her due to his misunderstandings.

Iruma Suzuki

Ameri's first encounter with Iruma.

Ameri is the first to correctly suspect Iruma's identity as a human after observing his behavior which she finds strange among devils. Initially, she had intentions to contain him after confirming his identity, considering him a threat to the safety of the school. But after discovering he was able to read the forbidden texts in her possession (romance comedy manga) she decided not to expose him. In their first encounter, she became flustered after they bumped into each other (which she misinterprets from the forbidden texts as him trying to "seduce" her using human sorcery) and immediately realizes he's human. Once she realizes that as a human, Iruma can read the forbidden texts, she ordered him to read the entire series of the romance manga aloud to her and eventually decided to keep his secret. From that point on, their relationship with each other improves to the Point where the two exchange numbers and often confide with each other on various matters such as the future. After witnessing Iruma cross-dressing, she was shocked by this despite Iruma trying to clear the misunderstanding behind it. She was so mortified by this she couldn't sleep for a week. This transitions to where she ponders on what is her exact relationship with Iruma. When she invites him as a temporary member of the student council, goes through a personality change, and has her position as student council president put in jeopardy, she comes to realize that she has fallen in love with Iruma after he helps her and reminds her of ambitions. She now makes it one of her ambitions to one day have Iruma look at her the same way romantically.

She also keeps a picture of him in her notebook.

Valac Clara

Ameri first never really thought anything of Clara due to her childish and immature nature. Clara however, was frequently jealous of Ameri for Iruma to spend so much time over her. Her "jealousy" however was more about wanting to play with him rather than anything else. This resorted Clara to taking a seduction class to "enchant" him due to believing she was trying to take him away from her. This however, ended in failure constantly. During a girls only party with the two along with Elizabetta and Kerori, Ameri became much more concerned after realizing Clara is also a girl and may also have feelings for Iruma. While Ameri is frequently annoyed (or jealous) of her immature behavior and her spending time with Iruma, Ameri does seem to have formed something of a friendship with her, as the both do hang out again in Walter Park along with Elizabetta and Kerori. Clara is very much in awe of Ameri's skills, praising her for beating the Panther Rat by herself. Clara also has a habit of calling her "Scarlet-chan/Makka-chan" rather than her real name.


  • The manga spoils the fact that she is voiced by Saori Hayami before it ever came out.
  • Azazel Ameri knows that Iruma is a human and at times, has Iruma read her manga books. Also, she keeps it quiet, from everyone else, that Iruma is human.
  • Ameri's furry ears conveys her emotions, when she is happy, her ears are up, if she is upset or sad, her ears are down.
  • Because the romanization of many characters' names was not released until chapter 185, Ameri's name is commonly spelled Amelie (though other romanizations were more contentious).
  • She is a fan of cooking and Evildols.
  • Her score during the Harvest Festival was 59,000 during her first year, compared to 55,000 of Balam and 60,000 of Iruma and Lied


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