Azazel Henri is a demon hero of the 13 Crowns. He's the Security Chief of Demon Border Control and the father of Azazel Ameri.


Henri with his daughter Ameri

Some time ago, Henri became Head of the Demon Border Control within the 13 Crowns.


Henri has long crimson hair tied in two ponytails and a small crimson beard. He has orange eyes. He wears a black collar, a business suit, and glasses. He pretty much looks like an older male version of Ameri.


Henri's serious side

Henri takes his work seriously as chief of the Border Control by catching any Demons who break the law in the Demon World such as he questioned Lord Sullivan about him going to the Human World and abducting a Human.

Henri is also a loving father to his daughter, Ameri, teaching her about what is like catching bad guys, and not just Demons, even Humans that exist when she was little. Years later, he becomes very protective of his daughter, so much so that the mere thought of Ameri and Iruma spending time alone talking about romantic stuff is enough to make him dizzy. When he mistakes the two for already being in a relationship, he becomes very defensive. He gets suspicious when Ameri states that she and Iruma often talk with each other. She only adds to the misunderstanding by stating that they are usually alone together after school drinking tea while talking about love and their future (with her meaning their dreams). He takes that as them talking about marriage and that they're already in a romantic relationship. After all of this, he warns Ameri not to associate with Iruma, though it doesn't seem to stop her from seeing him.

Like his daughter, Henri also has the habit of squishing Iruma's face with his hands.



Romanticist (King of Delusions) - The Azazel's Bloodline Magic. A power that releases without any restraints, it can draw out one's maximum strength if they believe they have one. An Azazel should have an iron will as it acts as a double edge sword that hurt the user if they are scared of the opponents they face. Once the battle is over, over-sensitivity happens from the pain in using such magic.


Azazel Ameri

His beloved daughter, Azazel cares about Ameri. When he fantasized about his daughter being married to Iruma, he freaked out as he afraid of losing Ameri to the young 'demon'.

Iruma Suzuki

He became curious about Iruma after he gained an anonymous tip, later even encountering him on the school grounds. During the discussion, Azazel mentions to Iruma that he had previously encountered a human in the past. He even offered to aid Iruma to return to the human world. When he fantasized about his daughter marrying him, Azazel became furious in saying that he refused to have Iruma call him "father".


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