Babyls Demon School is a prestigious school in the demon world run by Lord Sullivan of the Three Heroes, teaching children of both lower and higher statuses of demon families.

Being in the demon realm, where humans are considered little more than a myth, the entire student cohort and the teachers (except Iruma) are demons.


There are a total number of 666 students currently enrolled in the school. Iruma's batch consist of 163 students that was then divided into class groups, on which one of them are the Abnormal Class.[1]


First Year Tower

Other Notable Places

Here are other notable places found on the school:

Alma Matter Hymn

Humans only exist to be our food
Suck them dry, soul, blood, flesh and all
Tremble at the sound of black wings as we take flight
For we are demons

As this song pours forth from our red lips
Scream for us, for we are demons

Ningeru maru maru
Maru maru boku ni mono
Tamashii, chitonii ku, noko sazu susume

Kuro kizuma sano zabadoru
Odonii, hodomo ke, modo mo wo

Waru wa akuma
Ataki kuchi kara koboreru, futari
Sakede yo, modo mo wo

Waru wa akuma
Akumo ki wa meshii
Waru wa no kyojou wo

Soda na wa dakedo su
Hoho wo no madamiwa

Hanashi, chitoni kuroko sadzu sasage
Akuma no ni tada ki mezase yo ware wai.

Ranking system

For more information, see Demon Ranking System.
Babyls runs off the same ranking system used by Demons throughout the entire demon realm. It is during school that demons can gain their first rank, and continue ranking up, which corresponds to a rise in social status.

Demons of the top rank, Yod, are candidates for the title of "Demon Lord".



The purpose of Divisions (or Battlers Battura) is to gather students of common skills and interests to interact with each other to help improve either magic, knowledge, physical prowess as well as train leadership skills. Depending on how good they perform, they may rise up in ranks. In Alice's point of view, Divisons are groups that concentrates on raising ranks.[2] About 60% of the total population of Babylus students are engaged in such activities and one of the best ways in interacting and forging necessary relationship or connections with upperclassmen. There is a Division Tower in the school specifically for such activities. [3]

Lists of Division

  • Magical Development Division (New Magic Division/ Magecraft Development Division)
  • Magical Tools Research Division (Magical Apparatus Division)
  • Diabotany Division (Diabolical Botany Division)
  • Aviation Division
  • Combat Division
  • Magic Creatures Division
  • Pharmaceutical Studies Division
  • Succubus Seduction Division
  • Game Division
  • Discipline Division
  • Library Division
  • Broadcasting Division
  • Demon King Document Studies Division
  • Black Magic Division
  • Rock-Paper-Scissors Division
  • Execution Cannonball Division
  • Ladies' Studies Division (Non-Official)

Student Council

Screenshot 2020-02-01 at 1.57.00 PM

Within Babyls there exists a class-run student council. Even though the Student Council is being considered as a Division, this council mainly oversees a variety of duties, including organization of student events, student discipline and student clubs. The current Student Council President is Azazel Ameri, known for her strict and often violent discipline. School and demon culture can make discipline rather odd; on occasion, students can be lectured and disciplined for causing trouble halfheartedly, and punished more severely than if they'd caused more damage. For example, a student has been seen scolded for destroying school windows, but not bothering to break down the walls.




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