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Balam Shichiro is one of the staff of Babyls Demon School. He was first introduced subbing for Dali in Demonic History due to his Evil Cycle. He is also the head of the Imaginary Things Research Division.


Shichiro is a giant and muscular demon, towering over even the tall Naberius Kalego. He has bird-like legs from his knees down at least, and long hair.

He wears a dark tank top, light-colored pants, leather gloves, and a mask over his mouth and nose, covering an injury that exposes the left side of his jaw and fangs.

In Chapter 66, he cuts his hair off into a buzz-cut, claiming it scared the students and he didn't want them to be more afraid of him than they already were.

In Chapter 182, his hair grows back, but it is not as long as before, reaching only his neck and covering his ears, his hairstyle is very similar to the one he used when he was a child and when he was a student.


Balam Shichiro is generally feared by many students because of his intimidating appearance and tendency to impulsively pet and touch other living beings, including the students he teaches. It gets to the point that he has to immobilize his students to prevent them from running from the lectures. The students also rumor that he abducts students he likes to experiment on them, but these were baseless assertions.

Despite his terrifying appearance, Shichiro is very kind and gentle, treating every living thing with compassion as well as curiosity. He is also extremely fascinated by the human world and the supposedly mythical creatures he believes exist there, even though everyone around him considered them myths. He gets very excited about the subjects he is passionate about, becoming elated when he learned humans do exist.

Because of the attitude of the people around him, Shichiro seems to harbor some insecurity about his impression. Meeting Iruma has encouraged him to interact more with other people, and he became a close instructor to the students of the Abnormal class. He also seems to worry that he had little authority as a teacher (compared to his friend), since his students repeatedly ignored or dismissed his orders.

He is also extremely protective. Upon discovering Iruma was a human living in the Demon World, he scolded the boy for being so careless, and ranted to him for hours about all the dangers he could get into and how to avoid them. He also continues to check up on Iruma thereafter, making sure the boy was staying out of trouble and ensuring that no one else had found out his secret.

Shichiro also has the habit of lecturing students for hours on end, either out of passion or concern for their wellbeing. He did this to Iruma upon first discovering his secret, and then to Asmodeus Alice to scold him for misusing the induced Evil Cycle in the Harvest Festival.


When he was a child, he got a scar on his face after he was abducted by a bird monster. After spending a night hiding in the nest, he tried to eat the eggs there with him, only for the angry mother bird monster to return and scar his face. His parents arrived in the nick of time to save him. Shichiro says that this event was when he recognized the beauty in living things.

He was in the same year as Naberius Kalego when they attended Babyls. Kalego was the only student who approached Shichiro, undeterred by the boy's appearance and eccentricity. They got along quickly after. Same with Kalego, he was also roped into being Opera's "underling".

With his wealth of knowledge about biology and plants, Shichiro was the victor of his year's Harvest Festival, making optimal use of his wildlife understanding while avoiding direct confrontations with other students. He scored 58,000 points.

Sometime after graduating, he became a teacher at Babyls Demon School. He proctors the students' exams with his bloodline ability as well as his personal magic, making it impossible for any cheating to go through without being discovered. Because of his eccentric behaviors and intimidating presence, many students of Babyls were wary of him, spreading rumors such as that he abducted students for experiments.


First Term Final Exams Arc

Shichiro makes his debut substituting for Dandalion Dali while he is out on break due to his Evil Cycle, where he greets Iruma by picking him up and saying he is delighted to hear he wants to learn from him.[1]. He starts his lecture discussing how imaginary creatures have been written about throughout demonic history, all the while constantly bringing students he has tied up with his vines close to him so he can touch them, something Asmodeus Alice tells Iruma is because of his "Aggressive Skinship". Shichiro moves the topic to the discussion of humans, bringing out a human dummy and asking the students what they would do if they saw one. Many say they would eat them, which Shichiro adds that they are a source of nourishment, when asked what he would do, he says that he would like to know how one lived compared to those in the Demon World. As he mentions that demons have wings to help them escape from danger, he feels Iruma's back and notices his lack of wings, causing him to pick him up and leave the classroom in a panic.

He brings Iruma to the Teacher's Lounge and reveals that Iruma doesn't have any wings, but when they try to see for themselves, he sees a small pair which unbeknownst to him, was created by Arikured to protect Iruma. As they walk back to the classroom, Shichiro, feeling guilty about exposing Iruma's supposed malformity, takes off his mask and shows Iruma his own scarred face. While putting it back on, he confesses that he loves living things but because they run from him out of fear, he tries to touch them as much as he can, which is what led to him developing his skinship habit. When Iruma asks why he would tell him this, Shichiro tells Iruma that it is because he didn't want him to feel bad about getting his 'wings' exposed.

After Shichiro brings Iruma to his office and prepares some tea for Iruma, Iruma, having been touched by Shichiro's level of kindness, accidentally reveals to him that he is human.[2] After confirming his confession, Shichiro falls out of his chair and backs up from him, fearing that he won't be able to hold himself back from touching him. As he giddies from knowing that humans are real and that his earlier suspicions were correct, Iruma asks if he plans on eating him. Shichiro replies that he considers Iruma an endangered species so he won't, preferring to touch him yet resisting the urge. When Iruma touches him himself, Shichiro backs up again and proceeds to give Iruma a long and hard lecture about keeping his identity safe from others.

The next day, he stops by Royal One where he greets Kalego casually, revealing to the class that they were classmates and alumni of Babyls. Shichiro explains to Iruma that he wanted to check up on him and he saw how much he is struggling with the test, so he wanted to help him.[3] As it turns out, his method of helping was making picture books for him to better help him understand the lessons, and he becomes delighted when Iruma shows enjoyment in reading them, compared to the students who run from them mistaking them for experiment notes.

While showing him another book, he asks Iruma how his studies are going, and he says that he is improving and feels like he is bettering himself, causing Shichiro to start taking notes, calling Iruma interesting to observe.[4]

Shichiro later encounters Iruma as he was on his way to find him to tell him that he passed, where he also notices that Shichiro chose to cut his long hair short. He celebrates Iruma's victory before pulling a Salamander Flower out on him to test him to see how much he has learned in order to protect himself in the future, and he was very pleased by the results. He tells Iruma that learning by influencing and improving each other is a privilege of living beings, and now he wants to not only approach others, but let others approach him, which is why he cut his hair short, and he thanks Iruma for that.

Later, he meets up with Kalego, who tries to repress his urge to laugh which Shichiro takes note of. He admits he is happy to see that he is more confident and reveals that he has the same rank as himself while also possessing the unique Bloodline Magic "Buzzer", which is the reason people who try to cheat get easily caught because administers it throughout the entire school. When Kalego says that there is no one he can manage, Shichiro says that there is one he could not predict, and it reinvigorated his love of living things. [5]

Walter Park Arc

Shichiro becomes one of the three ordered by Sullivan to act as chaperones for Iruma and his friends at Walter Park, the other two being Kalego and Opera, and unlike Kalego, Shichiro felt it would be fun.[6] When everyone enters the park, he reminds the class that they can't just go off on their own without a chaperone and he suggests everyone splits up into three groups. He also supports the class' competition to see which group can have the most fun. After drawing straws, Shichiro's group consists of Iruma, Alice, Sabnock Sabro, and Agares Picero. After the group come across Ronove Lomiere, he asks him to help them have the most fun as part of their competition.[7]

While Shichiro enjoys himself by touching various things,[8] he later becomes concerned when he realizes Iruma got separated from them, though he is able to find him alongside Alice and Sabro.[9] As he watches Iruma partake in a play about Six Fingers, the real Six Finger's put their plan into action and summon three enormous beasts throughout the park,[10] with his group encountering the Carmine Dragon.


Balam is at rank 8 (Khet), among the highest-ranked demons currently known.

Buzzer (Chimes of Deception)- His Bloodline Magic. He is able to detect lies or do wrongdoings of the target by just observing them. His ability is used to identify any cheaters on exam day, making sure no student can cheat on the test without being discovered and punished.

Summoning Vines - One of his most used Non-Verbal Plant-based magic. He uses them to take him places or grab anything nearby.

Physical Strength - Balam has great physical strength and finds it difficult to regulate it while performing simple tasks, such as brewing tea.

Combat Expertise - Balam is proficient at hand-to-hand combat, being able to fend off both Sabnock Sabro and Asmodeus Alice without taking any hit initially.

Wood-Dragon Nigyul


Iruma Suzuki- Shichiro was excited to discover that Iruma was a human. However, he was very concerned for him due to his lack of knowledge in the Demon World and the danger that lurks beyond the school. He provided the help that Iruma needed to pass his final exam, and was proud of him when he succeeded in doing so.

Naberius Kalego- They were in the same class at Babylus Demon School as students. They are very good friends to the point that they are on a first-name basis. Due to his love of cute things though, he can't resist touching Kalego in his Familiar form, constantly mentioning how fluffy he is while Kalego tries to calm him down.

Opera - Unlike Kalego, he seems to get along better with his upperclassman Opera.


  • He is one of the few Demons who knows about Iruma's status as a human.
  • He loves children's picture books so much that he makes them as a hobby. He is shown to have made Iruma several picture books to learn for the exam.[11]
  • He also loves cute things.


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