Bars Robin is a teacher employed at the Babylus Demon School. He teaches the class on familiars.


Robin has bright green hair and yellow eyes, being very short in height compared to the standard adult demon. He dresses in clothing that are various shades of green.




Bullseye Shot: The Bars Family's Bloodline Magic, similarly in variation of Barbatos Family's Full Mark. In this case, Robin creates a fiery bow in the shape of a golden-yellow phoenix, which can be knocked with arrows of the user's choice. The released arrow from the bow is able to bypass any barriers and penetrates through every obstacles which cannot be stopped nor blocked until it has reached its target.[1][2]


Naberius Kalego

Kalego is Robin's supervisor at Babylus and disagrees with the new teacher on the fundamentals of teaching. Additionally, because of Robin's very positive and forward personality, Kalego has grown a disdain for Robin. Robin, however, interprets this hostility as profound insight and greatly admires Kalego for his ability to discipline students and his own teaching philosophies. Despite disliking Robin, Kalego appears to respect Robin's magic, as during the Division Party Arc, Kalego entrusted Robin with sending Sullivan a message from an unknown distance and assigned Robin to be Shax Lied's mentor during the Harvest Festival Arc.



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