Belial is a demon hero of the 13 Crowns, as well of being one of The Three Greats.


Belial is a somewhat-short demon, sporting thick eyebrows and a messy handlebar mustache. His hair is white, and he has several piercings: a red one on the bridge of his nose, and card suits on his ears in black. He wears a white hat on top of his head, and his black horns curl above the brim. He wears a pink and black tiger-striped button-up with a loose collar, wearing a coat over that that is half-black and half-white.


Belial is known to be cunning, and frequently cheats at games. He's a doting grandfather who believes that his grandsons undeniable cuteness makes his grandson the best. Lady Levi describes him as having a warped personality.






Lord Sullivan

A fellow great, he often looks to Sullivan for judgement as a neutral party during his disputes with Lady Levi.

Lady Levi

A fellow great, he's frequently arguing with her about who's grandchild is better.

Belial-Berry Razberry

He thinks his grandson is adorable.


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