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Kiruzawa Kiruzawa 25 October 2019

Personal Notes

This blog contains many different things; even the smallest and most trivial things as I also pay attention to them. May also contain my research on terms used and lore of the series.

  • Kirio's surname spelling can be "Amii" or "Amy"
    • Amy (or Amii) is one of the 72 demons in the Ars Goetia
  • The school's name can either be "Babirus", "Babylus", or "Babyls"
    • Most likely from "Babylon"
    • Author has confirmed the name to be "Babyls" on a post on Twitter

  • Gusion Sunny Grave (グシオン・サニー・グレイヴ); one of the 72 demons in the Ars Goetia
  • Astaroth Smoke (アスタロト・スモーク); one of the 72 demons in the Ars Goetia
  • Zagan Johnny Western (ザガン・ジョニー・ウエスタン) VA: Eguchi Takuya; one of the 72 demons in the Ars Goetia
  • Kimaris Quichelight (キマリス・キツシュライト) VA: Yashiro Taku; one of the 72 demon…

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Kiruzawa Kiruzawa 20 October 2019

Kiru's Wiki Plans

Just a place for me to lay out suggestions, plans or things I'm thinking of doing for the wiki. Will most likely keep updating this.

Check pages to see if it has good grammar, spellings and correct info.

  • Point is, it'll be easier to read.

Make templates

  • Will use templates from other big wiki as reference.
    • Made a more detailed and organized character infobox template; currently being used now.
    • [WIP] Make a more organized location infobox template

Make the main page available to edit by admins only

  • It is the most important part of the wiki, so I think only admins should be able to edit it to avoid vandalism.

Customize wiki theme

  • Look for images that better suit the BG since in the current one, only Alice is visible while Iruma is only partially visibl…

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BritishLuxray BritishLuxray 18 October 2019

Anonymous Editing Disabled

Just a quick blog post here (and the first one on the wiki, I suppose) informing everyone that, as mentioned above that Anonymous Editing has been disabled. You now need to be logged in with an account to edit the wiki. This has come from a number of different users abusing the privilege to delete large amounts of information on character pages, add opinions, and even fight with each other on the wiki pages themselves, rather than using the comment system. I apologise for the inconvienience.

- BritishLuxray, (moderator)

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