Bloodline Magic, or also called as Family Ability or Inherited Skill is a type of Magic that is unique to those sharing the same bloodline or ancestry.

List of Bloodline Magic:

Known Users Name Effect
Ronove Family

Ronove Lomiere

Ronove Rosebelt

Attention (Charisma) Attracts or demands the attention of those within a certain area of the user regardless of the situation.
Ami Family

Ami Kirio

Barrier (Separate) Creates a temporary glass-like pane anywhere which can block incoming attacks or physical objects from passing through it.
Balam Family

Balam Sicirue 

Buzzer (Chime of Deception) Detects lies and wrongdoings of the observed target in an instant.
Shax Family

Shax Lied

Controller (Sense Stealer) Steals one or more of a target's five senses, with its corresponding organ becoming black upon being stolen. More magic is required with each extra stolen sense.


Ero Scope (Aesthetic eye) Allows the measurement of the eros level of a target.
Ix Family

Ix Elizabetta

Full Love Gauge (Eager to Please) Anyone well disposed towards user will be compelled to try and gain the users favor.
Bluer Family

Buer Blushenko

Heal (Near Immortal) Uses available mana to heal any wound, while still feeling the pain caused by said wound.

Barbatos Family and Bars Family 

Barbatos Bachiko
Bars Robin (Relative)

Full Mark (Barbatos Lineage)
Single Hit Bullseye (Bars Lineage)

One hundred shots one hundred hits(Barbatos Lineage)

Allows the creation of a temporary fiery bow in the shape of a phoenix, which can be knocked with arrows of the user's choice. The released arrow from the bow is able to bypass barriers and cannot be stopped until it has reached its target(Bars Lineage)

Crocell Family

Crocell Kerori

Ice Surface Can lower the temperature of surrounding water particles, even in the air to lower temperature and create ice for offense or defense. A drawback is being easily triggered by emotion with overuse resulting in a fever that requires specific medical attention or someone with the same ability to lower.
Oswell Family

Orias Oswell

Lucky Happy (Stellar Fortune) [1]

Lucky Happy (Fortune)[2]

Gives the user an incredible amount of fortune and luck.
Agares Family

Agares Picero

My Area Manipulation of ground types
Andro Family

Andro  Jazz

Andro Rock

Pit (Furtive Glance) Reveals hidden items in a persons possession and the quickest route to steal it from their person.
Valac Family

Valac Clara

Toy Toy (Summon) Allows the instantaneous and perfect reproduction of any object seen by the user either through hammer space or somewhere in their body.
Sabnock Family

Sabnock Sabro

Weapon Creation By biting down on a material, the user can instantaneous create any type of weapon made from the material the user was biting on.
Purson Family

Purson Soi 

Anti Recognition It is by nature of their kind to absolutely cannot stand out.
Androafres Family

Niro Androafres
Ichiro Androafres

Trigger If they speak or use their voice to the opponent, they are able to provoke them, agitating them and can gradually drive them insane.

Azazel Family

Azazel Ameri

Azazel Henri

Romanticist (King of Delusions)  A power that releases without any restraints, it can draw out one's maximum strength if they believe they have one. An Azazel should have an iron will as it acts as a double edge sword that hurt the user if they are scared of the opponents they face. Once the battle is over, over-sensitivity happens from the pain in using such magic.
Orobus Family

Orobus Coco

Trauma They are able to recreate illusions of their victim's greatest fears, mostly a living being. He is also capable of producing more than one (though it is still the same figure) physique.The greater the trauma is, the higher the chance there's lingering effects of seeing another trauma happens. He uses his environment to visualize the illusion, even with a tiny object it is easy enough to conjure the trauma. The only way to counter and successfully end this suffering is the the target must have a strong will to overcome it


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