Camu Camu is one of the faculty members in Babyls Demon School that serves as the shopkeeper for the school store which is being managed inside the cafeteria hall.


Camu Camu is a short, fast demon half the size of most of the students. This aspect can be very easy or simply in terms of natural appearance and is known. He appears to be wearing a rough suit, similar to an animal, with visible seams on his ears, hands. and torso He wears a cut collar with a square pattern. The top of the sale hood mimics an animal skull. His face is characterless and black, or cast permanently in the shade. His bright eyes are the only visible facial features.


Camu Camu is very territorial in terms of the store in question and the potential profits. He banned Valac Clara from the official store, returns their skills and allows them to recreate any item they care to see, to see in front of which it is understood only to ensure. He is most often aggressive in his mission of age for anyone, in his store, or for any associate and to recover lost profits.

Story Overview

Introduction Arc

Camu Camu catches Clara.

Camu Camu appears before Iruma and Alice with Clara lifting her up with a bamboo spear, asking the two to take the girl with them. He details both of them that Clara (along with Jazz) is banned from the school store as her Bloodline Magic, Summon can be considered as stealing as well. Not following these directions, Camu Camu theratens to whoever shoplifts will be given punishment by the stab of his bamboo spear.[1]

Naberius Kalego enters the cafeteria hallway, irritated by the commotion. He silenced everyone but got frantic as he saw Iruma once again. Then, Clara got Iruma to put on a summoning sticker and got Kalego transformed into his familiar mode. Camu Camu enrages from this even and begun stabbing all parties involved, which ended Kalego being caught. He considered what he caught supposed to be his meal, as a bird to be roasted, but since there's only a certain amount of time for Kalego to be turned back to demon again, he escaped halfway which left Camu Camu to be disappointed.[2]


Bamboo Spear: Camu Camu uses his spear made of bamboo with a very sharp edge to shoo away unwanted customers from his store. He describes using them as his stabbing equipment to whoever tries to shoplift in the premises.

Net: Camu Camu briefly uses this equipment to capture Kalego when he was in his familiar form.


  • Camu Camu's name may be referenced from the name Kamuy (神威) , which is a spiritual or divine being in Ainu mythology, a term denoting a supernatural entity composed of or possessing spiritual energy, which is why Camu Camu appears without revelation of any of their insides.


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