Dem-dol Kuromu-chan is the twenty-first episode of the anime series Mairimashita! Iruma-kun.


Iruma's rank increase gets more newspaper coverage than Kuromu, a dem-dol. Asmodeus explains dem-dols are vital as teenage demons go through an "evil cycle" of destructive behaviour, so they are distracted by popular entertainment which converts their impulses into healthy excitement. Kuromu is revealed to be Crocell Keroli, a quiet girl from the misfit class who is embarrassed by her cute idol persona. Despite her siblings being better academically Crocell found that other demons treated her kindly because she was cute, so she became Kuromu to beat her siblings and earn a higher rank than her mother. However, since Iruma arrived he has been in the newspapers more often than her, making her jealous. At her next concert she furiously realises Iruma is in the audience, having received tickets from the Broadcast Battler. Coincidentally Iruma wins a ticket to meet Kuromu in person. A furious Crocell struggles to keep her identity a secret, however, Iruma already knew who she was due to her distinctive hands. As her glasses contain identity detection warding, Crocell decides Iruma must be a super-fan to notice such small details, but is surprised when Iruma admits he is jealous of how well she manages to stay hidden as he is tired of standing out by accident. Realising that Iruma is more popular than her without trying only makes Crocell more upset and she passes out with a fever from overusing her ice magic.



  • In the manga, Crocell's first song isn't shown.



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