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This page contains the complete list of Demon Items used in Mairimashita! Iruma-kun Universe.

Demon Perfume

Used briefly by Lord Sullivan that was splashed into Iruma Suzuki, it allows the user not to smell as a human[1]. There are some instances others can still smell them as a human being, or when the perfume was obstructed by water thus the perfume wearing off. The perfume comes in a liquid from stashed from a urn, and has sparkling effects after it has been put on to a person.


  • Used to take a picture together with Iruma and Lord Sullivan before the entrance ceremony.
  • Used to take a picture of Sullivan with the Abnormal Class on their acquisition of their Demon Ranking.
  • Used by Opera to take a picture of the cherry blossoms that bloomed at the Diabotany Tower.[2]
  • Shown in attempt to take a picture of Iruma and Lied cross-dressed while dancing.[3]

Clara's Demon Items

Clara's Bloodline Magic, Summon, allows her to produce objects at will.
For more information, visit the list of items that Clara summons.

Hell Grey Tea

Hell Grey Tea.png

A common tea used commercially by all demons. It is commonly everyone's favorite drink of tea as well. It has a menacing purple-colored aura coming out of the liquid, and the color itself is dark brown.

Hellraiser Clock

Hellraiser Clock.png

A demon-kind alarm clock that shrieks out very loud when activates in the target time. Iruma was gifted one that was yellow-colored bird. It has a heart-shaped voice inbox that appears when the clock open its mouth.[4] It is unknown whether the clock is just an item or a devil animal.

Familiar-Summoning Parchment

Kalego Seal Parchment.png

For ordinary demons, this is used to summon their familiars and the seal doesn't effect wholly in summoning, however, if a human being uses this they would summon the demon who originates from the seal parchment.[5]

Familiar-Summoning Sticker

Familiar Summoning Sticker.png

A single use sticker used to force-summon a user's familiar. They need to follow a criteria that it has to be put on the caster's hand then putting their hands up, and verbally saying Banzai (万歳) in order to successfully summon their familiar. To manually undo the summoning, the user must clap their hands, though its effects can wear itself out after a short period of time.[6] This version is a mini-sized, and can be bought to the school's store for 333 bills.

Directional Arrows

Directional Arrows.png

Most prominently found on First Year towers where new students are unfamiliar with the place. These directional arrows guide the students to their respective classrooms. They appear to glow gold and has a wiggling heart-tail like succubus demons has. The arrows can be on stand-by or personally assist students until they get to their designated location. If they assist students, the arrow dissipates to thin air after arriving at location.[7]

Transporter Elevator

Elevator Teleporter.png

A two-door elevator that transport any users inside the said structure and teleport them to the desired location. It's wings are capable of instant transportation and are able to arrive shortly at any destination. Its walls are painted orange.[8]

Cushion and TV

Cushion and TV.png

A combining feature of a purple-colored leaf-cushion and a tv, it is mainly used to supervise and oversee any visual images presented on the tv which are being documented. The two are merged with a vine. Also includes a remote control to access the tv.[9]

Demon Prophecy Scroll

For more information, about the Prophecy, visit The Demon King's Prophecy.

Demon Prophecy Scroll.png

Ancient scroll that depicts a prophecy for enthroning the future Demon King. The scroll reiterates the full statement.[10]

Ring of Gluttony

For more information, visit Ring of Gluttony.

Ring of Gluttony.png

A ring summoned by Iruma Suzuki, when he tries to get his ranking badge on a ranking owl. When first appeared, it had a fiendish aura and reappeared as a black miasma who sucks on mana whoever comes close to it, even showing aggressiveness to those who tries to destroy it.[11]


Sullivan with Hellphone.png

Netherworld's version of a cellphone. Lord Sullivan had given Iruma one that is purple-colored and has a tail on the back of it.[12]

Detection-Warding Glasses


It is a magical item that allows the user who is wearing it to be difficult to be detected, or to an extent, harder to gain attraction. It does not wholly make the user to be undetected, but rather make it almost at par. In normal circumstance, everyone will completely stop noticing the user, no matter how much they stand out. However, the results may vary depending who is wearing it.[13]

Succubus Brand Pheromone Perfume


Considered as a secret weapon for the succubus, one whiff of the latter will make any opposite gender head over heels with the target.


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