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Demon Ranking System (鬼の序列 Omi No Jorestsu) is a system that is used to determine a demon's strength among all demons in the Demon World, or mainly among their peers inside the Babyls Academy. They can do this by proving themselves in tests designed to assess their strength, perform feats or gain accomplishments.

Since the main series acknowledges and focuses the Demon Ranking System moreover inside the Babyls Academy, this article discusses the latter more than its effect in the whole Netherworld.


This traditional system composes of ten different quantitative ranking. These numeric symbols, of which are closely related and made out from Hebrew letters, classifies a demon's status in the demon world. Presumably, they start their ranking when they first go to a demon school, increase and/or decrease it through school activities, and even after they graduate, they keep their rank and may be able to increase it quite further.


The demon ranking system's names originated from the ancient hell dance called Lilith's Red Carpet. It consisted of 10 different demons that tried wooing a lady. Aleph, the first, was an innocent town boy who sees fun in love but lacks understanding of the passion in love. Next, Bet and Gimmel, the pair of black and white serpentine ballet dancers, were denied as Bet, who only knows passion and pleasure, and not true love, and Gimmel who has the shiniest brilliance, but his desire wasn't enough for her. Daleth, Hé and Vav came after; the three knights who strive for kindness (but lacks the will to keep her for himself), passion (who just reflected her as a perfect image), and intellect (which only gave her right answers but nothing else) are refused too. Zayin, the seventh and the selfish prince, also desired the lady but got dull because of its one-sidedness. Khet, who comes after, greedily envelops her but she declined the love as his love will vanish as soon as she is conquered. After all those times she grieved, which momentarily decides loving herself is enough, and reveals that the lady is named Tet. Almost immediately, she refutes herself, telling that there is a certain someone somewhere who will truly loves her that someone will be named Yodh.[1]

Usage in School

A ranking owl.

All starting students are unranked and have a specific non-ranking state during their first days of school. In the given time, students, after classified through class, will be given a test to be so that the students will be analyzed for their ranking, such as the demon-familiar summoning exam and racing exam.[2] After, they are then classified by a ranking owl. The ranking owl has a pouch on its stomach that contains the ranking badges, of which each student is required to put their hands in and grab their base respective ranks. Most of the time, first-years are categorized into Aleph (1) and Bet (2) rankings.[3]

Notably, a common stereotype inside the school is being regarded based almost entirely on your ranking. If higher the rank is, the more popular the student. Though, there are a few exceptions, such as Iruma, who received an overwhelming amount of attention and acknowledgment despite being unranked (and later, the lowest rank) due to some events and circumstances, along with being related to the principal.

Iruma and co. looking at the options they have in the cafeteria.

In addition, the quality and quantity of the food available in the school's cafeteria depend on the student's rank as well. For instance, the menu is extremely limited to unranked demons, but details become more complex and higher in quality, with more options, as the ranks go higher. The food is also free to all students, though it is worth noting that any student may access the lower ranks, as well as the unranked food options, despite the quality being worse than even the lowest, Aleph (1), ranked dishes.[4]

Rise or Fall Ranking

A rise in rank can be granted to the students of Babyls by the principal, Lord Sullivan, or any authorized Babyls Demon School Staff. For the freshmen, there are five ways to increase their ranks. Namely, they are the (1) Cannonball Execution, the (2) Division Party, the (3) First Term Final Exams, the (4) Harvest Festival and the (5) Music Festival. Each has different contributing factor and procedures on how they increase student ranks, such as during the Division party that one must be part of a Divison group. However, it is possible that the ranking of a demon can be reduced when they put the school in grave danger, or when a student scores significantly lower than the passing grade during Term Exams.

Demons who reach the top rank, Yodh, are considered as candidates to become the Demon Lord. Three such candidates currently exist.


The following table lists the ranking from lowest (1) to highest (10) and their terms.

Number Term
1 Aleph
2 Bet
3 Gimmel
4 Daleth
6 Vav
7 Zayin
8 Khet
9 Tet
10 Yodh

Demon Rankings

Lists of demons (and Iruma) that were shown of their badges based on their current rankings.

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Demon King Derkila Lord Sullivan Naberius Kalego Crocell Kerori's unnamed Mother[5] Azazel Ameri Iruma Suzuki Purson Soi Orobus Coco Ami Kirio
Lord Beliard Balam Shichiro Leviathan Leiji Ronove Lomiere Asmodeus Alice Ampsey Nafra
Lady Levi Bathin Baraki[6] Shax Lied Ichiro Androafres
Belial-Berry Razberry Ix Elizabetta Niro Androafres
Valac Clara Crocell Chima
Sabnock Sabro
Allocer Schneider
Andro Jazz
Garp Goemon
Crocell Kerori
Caim Kamui
Agares Picero


  • The rating system is based off Gematria, a numerological system by which Hebrew letters correspond to numbers.


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