Please note that there isn't an official name for the organization detailed under, thus the wiki provides a temporary terminology.

Once the story has confirmed a name, we will follow shortly, thereafter.

Demon Reformation is an impending movement and a term used for the stakeholders of a organized group of demons who wish to change the Demon World's current system, to a much more primordial structure where all demons behave reckless, monstrous and to "return to their origins".


  • Baal
  • Ami Kirio
  • Ocho
  • Atori
  • Hyudarin
  • Maemero
  • Miki
  • Shiida
  • Wett
  • Amduscias Poro


This lists consists of plans the Demon Reformation had in mind to establish their goals.

  • Destroy the Babylus Demon School while Lord Sullivan is away from the academy using a powerful tool from the Magical Tools Research Division.
    • Failed, stopped by Iruma
  • Take over, wreak havoc and destroy Walter Park (as a distraction).
  • Infiltrate Wlavras Prison and set free one of the prisoners, Ami Kirio.
  • Infiltrate the school during the Harvest Festival and gather information by manipulating Orobus Coco and his bloodline magic, Trauma.
    • Successful (infiltration and manipulation), though Ocho got severely wounded aftermath of the festival.
  • Obtain something from the school's Magical Tools Research Division room.
    • Unsuccessful, Asmodeus stopped Kirio from getting further.
  • Recruit Amduscias Poro
    • Successful, by Wett.
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