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Dreaming Date (夢見るデート, Yumemiru Dēto) is the forty-third episode and the 20th episode of the second season of the anime series Mairimashita! Iruma-kun.


At Clara's House, Clara, her family along with Iruma, and Azz enjoys breakfast until Henri arrives and asks for Iruma. Talking with Iruma, he informs him that a restraining order was placed against all press of Iruma. Relieved to hear about this because he can return home now, Iruma asks Henri before he leaves how Ameri is doing. He curtly answers that she's studying and leaves it at that. Later that night, Ameri finishes her date plan with Iruma. However, she becomes hesitant and self-conscious when she tries to contact Iruma and he then texts her about when they want to go on their date together. Although flustered, Ameri texts back her reply and their date plan. Contemplating over several things as she waits for a reply, Iruma texts back Ameri that he looks forward to their date together. Overjoyed, Ameri proceeds to see what dress would look good on her for the date, however, it's interrupted when Henri barges into her room and deduces she's going out with Iruma. Shocked, Ameri denies it and says she's merely sorting out her closet, relieved to hear that, Henri offers to go on a shopping trip with her the following day. Ameri, however, shyly refuses, this triggers a memory from Henri's past when Ameri was a child and wants to go on a date with him, but back in the present, she rejects him.

On the day of the date, Iruma meets with Ameri at Lady Levi's Aqua Case, a place that doubles as an aquarium and pool. Once Iruma rents out a pair of trunks, their date together begins. The first thing Ameri tries to do is hold Iruma's hand, but fails and realizes that her tall stature is a hindrance. As Ameri cogitates over this, Iruma finds a water slide and suggests they ride on there. From there, Ameri tries to again follow through with her plan on trying to hold Iruma's hand. Once again, however, this plan fails, but Ameri refuses to give in and they head to the recreation area that looks like an actual ocean area. There, Ameri plans to follow through with another phase in her plan, and again it fails. Her sequential plans also fail as well. During their shopping for souvenirs, Iruma has trouble deciding what to get Clara, but Ameri gives Iruma something she figures Clara would like. Immediately, Ameri regrets this as she's "Helping out her rival". To Iruma he figures that Ameri isn't having any fun on their date, therefore, he resolves himself to help her have fun on the remainder of their date. On the other hand, Ameri is having fun, but the problem is that she hasn't succeeded in Iruma becoming her romantic partner. Hence, Ameri renews her resolve and takes Iruma to a fortune-telling show. The premise of the show is that the fortune-teller Mako-chan is able to pick out capable couples. Immediately, Mako-chan tries to eat Iruma who figures that getting drenched in water may have weakened the scent of his demon cologne. Ameri then intervenes and rescues Iruma from danger, but laments over it feeling self-conscious. Iruma, however, notices a scratch on Ameri's leg, which leads Iruma to help carry Ameri out of the place. With the help of his ring, Iruma casts Fractal, a weight control spell and as he carries Ameri, Iruma informs her of how much fun he had during their date. Hence, Ameri considers her date with Iruma an absolute success.





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