Fierce Battle, Execution Cannonball!! Is the tenth episode of the anime series Mairimashita! Iruma-kun.


Opera advises Iruma to never show fear, as for demons, it is the same as defeat.

Azz and Iruma are on opposing teams for the exam. Azz is conflicted with how he should help Iruma from his side and is docile most of the game in thought. Eventually, they’re the only ones left on the court and are made to face one another. Azz debates letting Iruma win, but decides he can’t insult Iruma like that.

Student council arrives to watch the first year students in their game, Ameri especially. Azz delivers a ball carried in flames to Iruma, claiming he’s giving Iruma his all. Iruma catches it, but cannot stand against the force, so he parried it back at Azz, efficiently eliminating him.

Kalego informs Azz he would not of passed Iruma if he threw in a fluke. Since Iruma was the last standing, he rises up one rank. Ameri congratulates Iruma for gaining ambition. When Iruma gets home, he thanks Opera for all his help.





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