First Love Memories is the seventh episode of the anime series Mairimashita! Iruma-kun.


Iruma recognizes the book Ameri dropped it and without thinking, begins to gush about how much he loved this series and that he even helped work on it. This affirms Ameri's suspicions, but she is too much of a romantic to act on it. Rather, she is more intrigued about him being able to read the book than to condemn him right away. 

Ameri has Iruma read the books to her in her office from then on. Ameri gives Iruma her number so they can keep in contact and read the manga together in the future.  

Before Iruma leaves to school the next day, Opera asks Iruma if he wishes to return to the human world. Iruma realizes that he has been focused on what everyone else wants that he doesn't know if he wants to return. Opera informs him that if he became a high enough ranked demon, he would be able to visit the human world again. 

Ameri tries to use human customs from the manga to ask Iruma to visit again, only she finds it embarrassing to do. As Clara and Azz join Iruma for lunch, Ameri summons him to talk, but accidentally calls it a date to her peers on the council. Clara and Azz are both jealous and curious of where Iruma keeps running off to. They follow Iruma in secret. When they find that he has been seeing Ameri, they are filled with disbelief. Clara says that Ameri is trying to steal Iruma. Meanwhile, Azz determines that Ameri is Iruma's biggest obstacle to control Babyls. 

Ameri and Iruma discuss ambitions. Ameri shares that she wants Babyls to be the best it can be for its students, but grows flustered talking about it and asks Iruma about his. Iruma learns that he's never truly had an ambition and needs one as most demons would.  



  • This episode contradicts Iruma's past as explained in the first two episodes. Iruma stated that he had never had the chance to go to school due to all the jobs forced on him. Yet in a flashback, he is shown to have returned to school after 6 months of being away.
  • Iruma once worked as an editor for the manga series "First Love Memories".



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