Glorious Award / Treatment of Humans is the twentieth episode of the anime series Mairimashita! Iruma-kun.


The Closing Spectacular begins with the handing out of prizes. The Succubus Battler receives an upgraded club room, the New Magic Battler a year's supply of black holy water, while the grand prize of rank increases is given to the Broadcast Battler. Naberius announces that, for unspecified reasons, an extra award has been created, the prize for which is one member of the Battler will go up by one rank. The winners are announced to be the Magical Apparatus Battler, despite being disqualified due to Kirio's schemes, with Iruma getting the rank increase to Gimel, 3rd rank. Iruma worries he has spent too much time standing out instead of hiding.

Ameri's father, Henri, takes an interest in Iruma. Ameri summons Iruma to read manga but rushes out after seeing her father. Henri confronts Iruma, not knowing why Sullivan is so attached to him. Henri tells Iruma he met a human once before and legally returned them to the human world. He begins to ask if Iruma wants to go home but is interrupted by Ameri, who recounts all Iruma's recent achievements and claims he is an outstanding demon. Suspicious, Henri asks how Ameri knows Iruma and she awkwardly blurts out they spend time alone talking about love, shocking Henri into semi-consciousness. Asmodeus and Clara tell Iruma they know something happened with Kirio, but they are happy to wait for Iruma to tell them. Iruma decides he does not want to return to the human world and must work harder at hiding his human identity.





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