Head Over Heels for Clara is the eighth episode of the anime series Mairimashita! Iruma-kun.


Clara feels as though Ameri is stealing Iruma from Azz and her. Listening to Sabnock's advice, Clara signs up for seduction classes for aspiring succubi. By his words, she ought to charm him so that he will never leave again.

Unfortunately for Clara, she is not cut out to be a succubus. According to the teacher, who can sense how sexy another individual may be, Clara is so pure that she has even less sexiness than an infant. Clara is determined to succeed.

All her attempts of becoming sexier fail miserably. Just as Clara is ready to give up, she promises Iruma that she wll make him fall head over heels for her. She successfully made him flustered, and increased her sexiness a bit.

Next day, Iruma informs Azz that his new ambition is to increase his rank.





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