I Want to Pick Everything Up / Family Time Is the nineteenth episode of the anime series Mairimashita! Iruma-kun.


It is revealed that as Iruma was talking with Kirio, Bars Robin used archery magic to shoot a warning note to Sullivan. Sullivan then broke out of prison and saw Iruma use Pandoroola to destroy the barrier, forcing Sullivan to save the school from falling debris. The teachers apprehend Kirio, though he does remind Iruma to beware of other demons wanting an evil society. He is taken by Demon Border Control to be interrogated. Sullivan shows Iruma that his firework was immensely popular with the students, though he is scolded by Ameri who wanted to watch the firework together. Iruma shares credit for the firework with Asmodeus, Clara and Kirio.

As the Battler party starts the students vote for their favorite Battlers just as their parents turn up for the party. Iruma prepares the remaining fireworks before meeting 4 of Clara's 5 siblings and her mother, who are all as eccentric as she is. Asmodeus is caught by his embarrassing mother, Amuryllis, a Demon Lord of Seduction, who showers Asmodeus with love and affection. Sullivan and Opera arrive to attend the festival with Iruma, causing general chaos as they do. As the sun sets they set off the fireworks and Iruma declares his new family to be his pride and joy before insisting on posing for a photograph with Sullivan and Opera. With the voting over the winner of the Battler Party is decided.





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