Iruma's Decision and Hard Work is the ninth episode of the anime series Mairimashita! Iruma-kun.


Azz is overwhelmed with joy when learning Iruma decided to aim for a higher rank. Eiko worries about what she will do if Iruma rises in rank, as she admires him from afar.

Azz leads Iruma to the gym. He informs Iruma of the periodic rank exams and they are the quickest way to climb rank when excelled in. The next exam is execution cannonball, hence its violent and possibly lethal nature, it has been tamed for school testing as a game similar to dodge ball.

They train with cursed puppets to form proper teams. Sabnock and the rest of the Misfit Class enter the gym to play too. After seeing the tremendous amount magic used by his peers, Iruma realizes that practice won’t make perfect and that he needs actual training. Azz recommends to train with Lord Sullivan.

Lord Sullivan teaches Iruma a spell that enables him to throw objects with ballistic force. Iruma informs Lord Sullivan he feels like using his magic is cheating, so Lord Sullivan places a spell on Iruma’s hands to strengthen them for catching a ball thrown by a demon. Opera trains Iruma instead. Opera is ruthless, but Iruma learns he can’t just evade projectiles and must at least be able to catch them. Azz and Clara arrive the next day to cheer him on during training.

Iruma improves rapidly, despite having yet to catch a ball. Day before the exam, Iruma finally catches one ball.





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