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Iruma Suzuki (鈴木入間 Suzuki Iruma?) is the main protagonist of Mairimashita! Iruma-kun. He is a 15 year-old human who was sold to a demon by his parents. Now living in the Demon World, he goes to a demon school and has to hide the fact that he is human. Iruma is one of the candidates to become the next demon king.


Iruma has blue spiky slightly long hair and is known for having his trademark cowlick. He tends to tie his hair up into a short ponytail when doing physical activities and when he was working in the student council.

He has Egyptian blue eyes and constantly seen with an impeachable face.

He is usually seen wearing the traditional school uniform of the Babyls Demon School, which is an Olympic blue-colored suit with a stripe of white around the collar on the sleeves, a red demon-eyed shaped bow, Olympian blue pants and dark blue dress shoes. He also wears the golden Ring of Gluttony on his right hand.[6]

On some occasions, Iruma ties up his hair in a ponytail, mostly when he has to do vigorous activities such as practicing for Cannonball Execution, being in the student council, or participating in the Harvest Festival.

When in his "Wicked Phase", Iruma's hair and eyes gain a slight shade of purple added to the usual blue and his eyes become narrow. His school blazer acts like a cape and lacks the red bow and has the top button of his shirt undone. His hair even becomes smoother and doesn't stick up. His ahoge even becomes reversed with the tip now pointing backwards. His pupils even become slit and his voice becomes deeper.

During the Music festival, Iruma's nails were painted with dark nail polish, and since that arc their nails have remained that color.

Before his second year at Bablys, Iruma receives a feather earring from his mentor, Barbartos for reaching rank Hé (5).


Because he spent so much time by himself in a hard and lonely education, Iruma is kind-hearted and doesn't like conflict. He cannot say no when people ask for favors, being especially weak to the phrases: "Help", "Please" and "I beg you". His upbringing also helped him develop a great defense, allowing him to dodge any attack aimed at him. He is a large eater, having starved most of his life and having little time to even enjoy the food he ate in the human world. He is pacifistic and dislikes using violence to solve problems, even against people who are antagonistic towards him. However, when he faces a difficult task, rather than fall into despair, he manages to pick himself up and find a good solution. His kind nature even extends to everyone in need of help or asking for one, as it is revealed that most of the faculty adore him as he often helps them with chores such as weeding.[7]

Since entering the Netherworld, Iruma has constantly made an effort to not draw attention to himself out of fear others would devour him. Ironically, this has become impossible thanks to his grandfather, Opera, Alice, and him getting into various situations that make him stand out. Since then, he continues to grow more popular as the series progresses. All his efforts to survive also take a toll on him and use all his energy every day to survive. Over time he begins to lessen his guard in school and around his friends, learning to interact with others and (ironically) grow accustomed to the netherworld.

Because of his hard lifestyle, till he met Sullivan, Iruma never had a goal or ambition in his life. Because of that, he never attempted to do anything for himself and always did things for others out of a need to be useful to others. After meeting Azazel Ameri and learning to make a goal for himself, he decided to raise his rank in his class in an effort to better himself. After the Walter Park incident, Iruma decided his ambition is now to keep those close to him safe and better himself as a fighter.

Despite being male, Iruma has shown to have some traditionally girly hobbies which have surprised several characters. In his interactions with Valac Clara, he was more than willing to play any bizarre game she came up with or dress funny for her amusement. When he met Ameri and learned of her manga First Love Memories, he loved the books and was more than willing to read them to her and voice the characters. When he saw that Crocell Kerori was an Akudol, Iruma chose to put on a dress and wig to help her in her concert so she would not lose her fans (though he was later shown to be embarrassed from doing that, showing even Iruma has a limit to what he'll do). He was embarrassed to wear a dress when Kerori made him put it on again and even more when Ameri walked in seeing him wearing one despite trying to explain what had happened.

Having been abused, neglected, and unfairly treated by his parents his whole life, Iruma has a hard time understanding concepts of love and affection. Because of this, he remains oblivious of the newfound love and affection he has gained from Ameri despite her change in behavior around him, the speculated crushes that Clara and Kerori have on him, and the other female students in school when he was in his wicked phase. Although he does seem to acknowledge the genuine love and affection his adopted Grandfather gives him, he fails to see how Ameri remains shy in his presence, when they were alone on a balcony talking, on a date at the Aquarium, or when they were cooking together and she gave him cookies.

After Alikred induced an evil cycle and personality alteration into Iruma, his entire persona and appearance changed. In this case, he becomes aggressive and ill-mannered, ordering Alice around like a servant and having Clara sit on his lap whenever he feels like it. He also proved to be charismatic and manipulative at the same time but with good intentions as he managed to motivate the Abnormal Class to help him obtain Royal One for them by entering a battle of wits with Naberius Kalego and the other teachers to receive their permission for a new classroom change. He is more haughty, arrogant, and confident in himself but simultaneously, does not belittle others and respects the individual abilities of each of his classmates, even managing to use them to their greatest potential. Most importantly, his personality change did not extend to his inner kindness, as he wanted to improve the situation of his own class, who had the worst classroom and were treated poorly by the others and still helped the janitor and other faculty with their chores just as he had done previously. Iruma reverts shortly after obtaining Royal One.[8]But is also willing to take on that personality again if it means helping a friend like when he helped his classmate Crocell Kerori to win the Akudol games.


Prior to the main story line, Iruma lived with his carefree parents who took advantage of his kind nature to do all sorts of things, from doing all kinds of household work to partaking high-risk part-time jobs so that his parents can take it easy. Due to the fact that he was not properly taken care of by his parents, he has not undergone any form of formal schooling prior to his enrollment at Babyls.

His harsh experiences in the first 14-years of his life, such as the various dangerous part-time jobs he does has allowed him to develop certain abilities such as his "Overwhelming Crisis Evasion Capability", "Extreme Appetite", and the "High Survival Mode Iruma".

Story Overview

Introduction Arc

Iruma's ill-bearing parents had summoned a demon, named Lord Sullivan who requests a contract for money in exchange for a human. So without hesitation they bartered off Iruma to him. After being sold, Iruma fears for his life, until the demon presents him with expensive food and clothes, and explains the real reason he bought him. Lord Sullivan explains that he never got married or had children, but desperately wants a grandson, because his friends always boast about their grandchildren. Iruma tries to refuse, but is swayed by Sullivan's begging, and agrees, stamping a contract. Sullivan hints that, if Iruma had refused, he may have simply eaten him instead.[9]

Lord Sullivan declares that he will spoil Iruma and provide him with the best of everything. However, that also means that he will have to go to school, especially since Iruma never had time for proper study after living such a difficult life, and dragged around by his selfish parents. Iruma is given a uniform (which marks as his trademark outfit) and enrolled at Babyls Demon School; he learns that he is the first human to enroll, and that he has to keep his real identity secret, lest he be eaten by demons.[10]

Iruma arrives at orientation and learns that Lord Sullivan is, in fact, the Principal of the demon school. In his pride for his grandson, Lord Sullivan boasts about him on stage, to Iruma's horror, and even presents a poster. He then removes the Freshman representative, Asmodeus Alice, from the stage and declares that Iruma will instead make the speech.

Iruma's terrified demeanor is mistaken for confidence by the students; once on stage, he decides to read the words prepared for him on a piece of paper on the podium, in lieu of a speech. This causes an uproar, and it is revealed it was a forbidden spell that would have blown his limbs off if mispronounced. It is revealed that the effect of the spell is that he will not fall at all, no matter what, for the entire day.

The freshman representative Alice Asmodeus challenges Iruma to a duel immediately after the orientation and summons the student body to watch the fight. Due to his difficult and crazy life, however, it is revealed that Iruma can dodge anything, and has "0 attack, infinity defense. For better or worse, a completely harmless person." Iruma dodges Asmodeus' fire magic for 20 minutes, before tackling him to save a nearby student. The effects of the spell from earlier activate to stop him falling, and Iruma defeats Asmodeus in an accidental German suplex.

Iruma becomes the most talked about 'demon' in the school, and later Asmodeous arrives to congratulate Iruma on his victory. As per demon custom, he now follows Iruma and serves under him. He swears they will dominate the school together, to Iruma's surprise.

Iruma begins his first day at school, and attempts to tell Lord Sullivan that he doesn't want to go to Demon School because he's scared of being eaten. He is unable to, however, as he is showered in gifts and praise, and feels too bad ruining such a happy atmosphere. The demon servant, Opera, is passively introduced in the background, bringing gifts. Attending school, he is greeted cheerfully by Asmodeus, and told the first lesson of the day was summoning a familiar, and that a students rank will be determining by measuring its strength.

Naberius Callego enters, and announces himself the teacher of the class, and quickly explains how to summon a familiar, including that a familiar cannot harm its master. He makes it clear that he believes Iruma is relying on the nepotism of his 'grandpa', the principal. He plots to expel Iruma the moment he makes any mistake in the summoning ceremony as revenge. Unknown to him, Iruma also plans to mess up the summoning due to his lack of magic, and hopefully get himself expelled without confrontation.

However, as the summoning ceremony for a demon summoning a familiar and a human summoning a demon for contract are the same, Iruma accidentally summons his teacher, Naberius Callego, and forms a contract, turning him into a tiny chick-like appearance. Later, Lord Sullivan reveals the contract will last until the end of school year, and ending it prematurely will cause both of them to die.

Next day, Iruma and Asmodeus are walking down the hallway after collecting their class lists and materials for the year, when a demon rolls past them at a high speed, crashing into a pillar, and destroying it. Iruma is concerned, and goes to check on them, meeting Clara Valac. Asmodeus issues a warning not to talk to her, that goes unheeded.

Clara is unharmed and delighted to have a new person to play with, startling Iruma with her enthusiasm. She introduces her right foot as Connor, and her left foot as Murph, before enthusiastically inviting Iruma to watch her crash into more columns. Asmodeus explains that Clara is an eccentric demon, and that people avoid her because she will get them into trouble. However, Iruma finds himself dragged into her antics immediately, unable to refuse and swept along with her fast pace. The three play house for two hours straight, leaving the two boys exhausted. Clara offers them snacks and drinks, and introduces her inherited magic; she can create anything she's ever seen before.

Iruma (and Asmodeus, reluctantly) continue playing with her for several more days. Clara seems extremely happy, humming and laughing as she goes to meet with her new friends every day. Once Clara meets up with Iruma again a few days after, she begins to shower him with snacks, drinks, and whatever she can conjure, saying she'll give Iruma anything only if he keeps playing with her.

Iruma quickly refuses the gifts and apologizes. Clara, panicking, begins to cry. She explains that the snacks are her 'nuisance fee' and that Iruma would leave her like everyone else, now that he's bored. Iruma explains that he doesn't need the snacks, and that he'll keep playing with her anyway, because playing with Clara is fun. He explains that Clara does go overboard sometimes, but he doesn't mind because he's not used to playing. Clara begins to laugh and cry, happy someone wants to continue playing with her even without being bribed.

Yocchan and his friends descended from the stairs and appears to them, demanding drinks from Clara, sneering. Clara instead summons an entire vending machine, crushing the leading demon beneath it, telling them to insert some coins if they want anything. Iruma covertly asks Asmodeus to make sure no one else will take advantage of Clara again, which he does so (though the burns on his coat contradict his assertion).

Asmodeus and Clara come to pick up Iruma in the morning on their way to school. Lord Sullivan comments that he's happy that Iruma has managed to make two new friends so quickly. Iruma freezes, initially denying being friends, and even questioning if demons and humans can even be friends to begin with. It is also revealed that Iruma has never made a friend before, and doesn't know how one should go about making them.

Iruma continues to stress about the philosophy of friendship over lunch, where the menu board is explained. Students can order food for free, and the quality you can order depends on your rank. There is also a shop with better quality food and items for sale in the cafeteria. Someone attempts to play a mean prank on the three, ordering enough food for 50 people and sending it to Iruma and co.'s table. Asmodeus is furious, and turns to tell Iruma to send the food back, only to realize that somehow, Iruma had eaten all of it. In addition, he asks for more continuously, and a waiter exclaims that the chef had fainted, presumably under the stress of making so much food.

A commotion occurs, where the shop owner, Camu Camu, attempts to arrest Clara. He warns that anyone who shoplifts from his store will be pieced by his spear. Kalego enters the cafeteria, back from his short absence. He demands to know what the ruckus is, before spotting Iruma. He growls, and warns Iruma that he'll never be his familiar, and that if Iruma thinks he can chain him up, he'll kill him. He suddenly spots Clara standing next to Asmodeus and Iruma and notes with fear that their numbers have increased. Clara rushes forward, introducing herself and rambling about her friends, and attempting to give him chocolate.

Kalego panics, realizing she is the hardest type for him to handle, and attempts to flee. Clara grabs on to him, and instructs Iruma to put a nearby seal on his hand, which turns Kalego back into his chick form, which Clara attempts to catch. Camu Camu attacks all of them, causing Iruma, Clara and Asmodeus to flee, leaving Kalego to pay for the seal in his chick form, as it was apparently taken from the shop.

Iruma realizes how much fun he has with Clara and Asmodeus, and asks them nervously if they want to be his friends. They express confusion at first, as friendship is apparently not a concept in the Demon World, but once Iruma explains, they readily agree. Iruma then declares they are his Number 1 and Number 2 friends, which Clara and Asmodeus begin to bicker over who is who.

One day, Iruma off-handedly mentions that he doesn't want to be noticed at school anymore to his demonic guardian Lord Sullivan. This leads to the creation of the Abnormal Class - a class for strange students, who like to attract attention, so that Iruma can resist standing out while the rest of class will.

Iruma arrives alongside his friends, Alice and Clara, outside a massive classroom door. He opens the door, only to find a number of deadly weapons flying right for his face. Iruma stumbles into the classroom, somehow dodging every single one of the dozens of deadly weapons being aimed his way. He receives a round of applause, and finds that the class was making bets on the number of weapons new students would be impaled with upon entering the classroom. Iruma was the only one to dodge every weapon.

He soon learns of a student even stranger than most of the abnormal class - a demon who refused to dodge a single weapon, taking them all head on in a show of strength. Sabnock Sabro is introduced, with swords sticking out of his body. He declares that he is the most suitable candidate for the role of Demon King, a dream he will achieve by reaching rank Yod. The Demon Ranking System is introduced, with Yod being the topmost rank, and Aleph the lowest. Sabnock also mentions that the quickest way to the top was to defeat strong opponents. He confronts Iruma, and questions Iruma's status as a genuine demon, before Asmodeus steps in. The two argue, with Asmodeus declaring his position as Iruma's friend.

Before it can escalate, the teacher - revealed to be Naberius Kalego - arrives, and instructs everyone outside for the very first ranking test. The test is a race through Saezuri Valley - full of countless huge mountains. They are banned from entering Kanakiri valley, as they did not receive permission to enter. The signal to begin the race happens as Kalego - along with the rest of the student body - suddenly grow wings, leaving Iruma panicked and as soon as the class takes off, Iruma teeters at the edge of a cliff. He wavers, but keeps his balance until he is suddenly kicked over the edge by his own teacher.

Moments after, Iruma is caught in the beak of a giant demonic bird. He was caught after falling off the cliff. He is deposited into a gigantic nest, where he is attacked by a gigantic chick, which attempts to eat him. While being chased, Iruma notices the chick collapsing behind him. He investigates and finds a gash on the monster's leg. He quickly resolves to help, and grabs a stone shard. He quickly cuts his hand, and shows it to the monster, before bandaging it. The monster understands, offering the injured leg. Before he can bandage it, however, Iruma's blood drips into the wound, healing it to the shock of both parties. The monster tests its leg by standing, and Iruma smiles in relief. Disregarding its initial plan to eat him, the monster nuzzles up close in thanks, before indicating for Iruma to climb on his back.

In the event of Sabnock almost being beaten and eaten by the guardian bird, Iruma appears from above, throwing himself in front of Sabnock. Right as the King's claw is about to reach Iruma, it pauses, as the monster Iruma helped hovers in front of it. Sabnock reveals that this is the chick belonging to the King of the Valley, and prepares to take advantage of the distraction to launch a devastating blow. Instead, Iruma signals to the King, waving and telling him that the chick's leg was all healed. He convinced Sabnock to lower his weapons as well. The leader bows, thanking them to Sabnock's shock. He thinks to himself that Iruma is someone special.

Once the race is over, the Ranking Owl is introduced. Though Iruma and Sabnock made it back with the help of the King, they didn't make it back in time, and were disqualified. Sabnock thanks Iruma for saving him, and declares Iruma his rival. One by one, students reach into the Ranking Owls' feather and pull out a ranking badge. Eventually it is Iruma's turn. He reaches into the owl, but it screeches and flies away without giving him a badge, and in the end he had received a peculiar ring that fits in the prophecy.

He requests help from the other students, but they quickly back away in fear as he approaches. Iruma is initially confused, before he catches sight of a menacing shadow residing on his shoulder. He panics, and realizes it is coming from the ring on his hand. The shadow begins to scream, the wailing echoing throughout the entire school. Only Iruma is unaffected, as the rest of the student body collapses in pain. He attempts to silence the creature, but instead cradles it in his arms and accidentally rocks it to sleep.

It quickly awakes, and Sabnock approaches, claiming that dealing with the creature will be a piece of cake. However a single touch to his nose is enough to to knock the demon out, collapsing where he stands. Next, Alice approaches, but with the same result. It is revealed that the creature is draining their magical energy. Kalego attempts to remove the ring, but is met with a powerful hallucination; the image of the creature ripping off his arm in a violent manner flashes before his eyes. He withdraws, shaken, realizing he it was given a warning. He decides to exterminate the creature, possible along with Iruma (or his arm), before being stopped by the Lord Sullivan.

The creature attacks, but Sullivan subdues it with a single tap, the ravenous hunger of the ring stopped in an instant. The ring is revealed to be called "The Ring of Gluttony", a powerful magic tool that can act as an artificial mana pool, but indiscriminately devours magical power from the demons around it. Hunger sated, however, it was now harmless, if irremovable from Iruma's hand.

Without a rank from the ranking owl, Iruma is given the rank of 1 (Aleph). Finally satisfied that he's finally received a reasonable evaluation, he leaves class unaware that even more exaggerated rumors of his adventures in Karakiri Valley begin to circulate.

Execution Cannonball Arc

Thinking about what Ameri said to him what his ultimate desire is, Iruma came the decision. He is going to raise his rank just to see what it means to have an ambition. After explaining his choice with Alice and Clara, Iruma wants to at least get to Bet and asked if there was a way to make it happen. Alice explains that there is only one way to do this, and that is to get good marks on the periodic promotion exams in class. The next one is a week away to test the students ability in Execution Cannonball; basically Netherworlds version of Dodgeball. At first Iruma thought it was going to be easy, until he's completely outclassed by his fellow classmates. Feeling helpless, Alice gave him the option to have a personal trainer. But the only one in Bablys that is available is the chairdemon, Iruma's grandfather.

Back at home, Sullivan began to give Iruma the basics. Simply to try and throw a ball at a giant rock, also to utter the word Libera. Doing this Iruma has cast the third magic spell and destroyed the rock with ease. Claiming this is all the training he will need, Iruma claims he wants to win without using his grandfathers magic but rather as himself. Explaining that while it's bold of him, but because he's human he would fail Sullivan strengthens Iruma's hands to give him a fighting chance against the other demons. Also he has Opera take place as the trainer since he's better suited for it.

Opera is very serious with Iruma's training, though it doesn't show, it pains him very much to throw balls at Iruma with great ferocity. The attempts to help Iruma over come his instinct of evading danger and to catch the ball. Though he's afraid at first and struggles to resist, Iruma cannot help but continue to dodge all of Opera's attacks. All of that changed when Alice and Clara came to support, then Iruma's training starts to improve over the three weeks. On the last day, Iruma starts to take things seriously and finally he caught the ball.

The day of Execution Cannonball finally arrived, Iruma while nervous is still confident about his chances. Giving him one more advice, Opera advise's Iruma to turn his fear of dodging into excitement that way he can focus on the adrenaline rush to catch the ball. In Bablys Underground Gym, the misfit class prepares for the big event. Kalego divides each member in color coated teams A & B. To Alice surprise and shock, he and Iruma are on separate teams. However, Alice figured he'll assist Iruma from the other side, but how he thinks to himself. And so the game begins, Iruma does well dodging every ball and one time even caught the ball. But unfortunately, Opera never taught him how to throw the ball without the use of magic.

As the battle continues, one by one each teammate gets hit up to the point where it's just Iruma and Alice. Stunned that he barely notice due to being deep in thought, Alice believes the best method is to give Iruma the ball and get hit. However, he realized this would go against the training Iruma has struggled through. Not only that it would shame his name as a demon who values and respects etiquette. For that, Asmodeus Alice will no longer hold back and give everything he has.

Everyone, the misfit class and Ameri with the student council comes to watch the big event. This is their first battle since the entrance exam. Seeing Alice is very serious and will not hold back, Iruma's whole body is telling him to dodge the attack. Remember what Opera said about being bolder and transforming that fear into excitement, Iruma runs towards the Alice as he throws the ball with great force. Iruma catches the ball, struggling confirming this is Alice's true strength unleashed. He can't stop it from moving, Iruma decides he'll use his Overwhelming Crisis Evasion Capability to redirect the ball's path and throw it back. Hiting Alice on the shoulder, Iruma has won Execution Cannonball. His teammates and Alice; despite losing, are very proud of him. Getting Iruma's attention, Kalego raises his rank from Aleph to Bet. This gives Iruma a sense of shock that he has never felt before. Ameri explains that is ambition, the feeling of exhilaration after working hard to achieve a goal. Feeling good about this he thanks Opera for training him and getting him up the rank. Iruma also thanked Sullivan, even though he didn't help that much with his training.

At the end of the day, Iruma drifted off to sleep happy while thinking about Opera's question of wanting to go back to the human world.

Battler Party Arc

Earning his second rank, Iruma wonders what should happen next. His ambition was to raise his rank and after doing that he's at a lost to figure out what should his dreams be. Later after the lessons on familiars, Alice invites Iruma to the cafeteria to discuss Battler's. Groups of upperclassmen and first years that focus on raising their ranks with various skills and abilities. Basically the human worlds version of school clubs. Iruma finds this interesting to try, since he's lived a hard life and never tried anything fun. And since he didn't find his ambition yet and viewed raising his rank a a practice goal. So he decides to join one of the battlers in order to find his desire and raise his rank once more.

However, the netherworld Bablys has their hourly rookie hunt where they "ask" the first years to join. Scaring Iruma to see how determine these demons are in order to get first years to join, but rest assures when Alice creates a barrier to ward off any recruitment's. And the fact that the student council keeps everything in order, preventing any violent tendencies that could threatening the school. To Iruma's surprise, he finds out that Ameri is the president of the student council, and she offers him to join. Though the council members mistake her offering it to Alice. Later, things cool down as the battlers proceed to ask freshmen to join. While they’re browsing the battlers, denying others request and watching over Clara, Irumas ring begins to act up. It pulls him at gets speeds knocking students down until it crashes into a third-year carrying a large bag of supplies. Iruma is awkwardly introduced to Amy Kirio; rank Bet, the president of the Magical Apparatus Battler.

Kirio comes off quiet, timid, but very polite towards Iruma. He recognized Irumas Ring as an apparatus, similar to the one around his neck. Getting along, Kirio gathers his belongings and hopes to see Iruma soon.

Akudol Kuromu Arc

After the Battler's party, Iruma is introduce to the famous Akudol Kuromu by his classmates. Alice explains the Akudol's purpose is to help relief stress and prevent demons from entering their Evil-Cycles. And just out of coincidence, Iruma and his friends are called to the broadcast room to be given tickets for Kuromu's concert at the Makubari Dome.

After watching the first part of the show, Iruma gets invited to meet Kuromu in person. It is later revealed she's Iruma's classmate Crocell Kerori in disguise. After discovering her cuteness can calm demons and even tame their evil cycles, Kerori plays the role of an Akudol as a way to get back at her family to show that she matters. It is also revealed she has a deep grudge against Iruma for standing out and being more popular than her. Iruma tells Kerori he's jealous she's able to hide her identity from everyone and wishes he could do the same without meaning to stand out. This makes her snap at Iruma, pushing herself to use her bloodline magic to the extent of exhaustion.

Knowing this could put Kerori's reputation on the line if she has to cancel the show, Iruma and his friends disguise themselves as Akudols to keep the show going and buy Kerori some time to recover from her illness. Despite going against what he said, Iruma is standing out for someone in need because he felt it was right. But just as he's out on stage dressed like a girl, Ameri happens to be in the audience to see this and the misunderstanding begins.

Student Council Training Arc

Struggling with Iruma and his "relations" with that Akudol Irumi she saw with Kuromu kept Ameri awake and barely enough focus on her work. The matters get worse when she caught Iruma dressed up in girlish clothing's without realizing he was practicing his Cherisul magic with Alikred. Conflicted with what she witness, and her father's misunderstanding of her relation's with Iruma, Ameri decides to discuss the matter with him to get things cleared up. Unfortunately she stumbles upon him in a dress on top of Kerori without realizing she made him put on the dress in the first place.

Back in the student council's homeroom, Ameri discuss with Iruma about his Battler's The Magical Apparatus. Telling him that since his group does not have a third-year member nor the recommended four, she is going to put it on hiatus and give Iruma a vigorous training course in order to get him back on the right path. The same goes for Clara and Alice, but instead they will be put in different battler's base on their techniques. Alice in the Magical Developers due to his adapt in magic, and Clara in the Gaming Battler's for her creativity and wanting to play. Despite Alice's resentment and wanting to be with Iruma, however Clara seemed to be getting along just fine. As for Iruma, Ameri has him place in the highest honor. For the week, Iruma is now a member of the Student Council.

On the first day, Iruma begins his training regime as a student council member by going through the councils duty course. Waking up early, making the beds, staying in sync then going over the paper works of the other battlers requests. After that they proceed to go outside to do some running laps with Caimans chained to their legs before meeting with the teachers and tending to the flower gardens. All of this and before greeting the students before school starts. Since Iruma is a pushover, he dealt with the course without resistance. Though he did cried over the fact that the student council are determine to repressed selfish desires, their portions of food is shorten to a single bean. Ameri explains they're to set a good example for all the students, demonstrating this by striking down a student who's going through his evil cycle. Never seeing it in action before, Iruma is amazed at how cool and confident Ameri can be. Later the school afternoon, Iruma and Ameri begin their session of reading "First Love Memories". Iruma finishes reading a chapter, admitting he's more comfortable with this version than her president self. Hitting hard, Ameri's tea cup handle broke setting an ominous omen that will happen soon.

The next day, Iruma is now prepared, getting up early and getting the daily work the student council does without being overwhelm. Though still sad over the small portions, he's connecting with the members more enough to know they joined the council because of the president. And the reason why Ameri choose them was because they're interesting to her. Just the then Broadcasting Battler called for the president in a static tone to come to a prep room alone. As she walks alone, Ameri thought to herself how Iruma is improving and getting alone with the others. She thinks of recruiting him into the student council for real and will run the idea with him later. Investigating the prep room, Ameri finds a student coated in black alone who sprays a mysterious potion rendering her unconscious. Back in the Student Council Room, Bathon barges in to say that the announcement for the president was false notice and no one from the broadcasting battler called for her. Rushing in action, the student council finds Ameri lying on the floor in a daze but just fine. However her personality has changed completely, feeling more embarrassed in the clothes she is wearing and talking in a dainty tone.

The teachers examine Ameri's condition, she does remember herself and her position claiming that she used to be violent in the past. Morax says its best to let Ameri continue her daily routines and she should go back to her normal self. And so the student council have to support the Dainty Ameri while doing their duties. Since the president is more calm and innocent, the members couldn't help but be supportive while dealing with her work.

Royal One Acquisition Arc

Walter Park Arc

Harvest Festival Arc

Musical Festival Arc


Overwhelming Crisis Evasion Capability.png
  • Overwhelming Crisis Evasion Capability (圧倒的危機回避能力): Due to his tragic childhood life, he developed an incredible sense of danger. His body will automatically avoid danger no matter the scale. This is the ultimate defense mechanism that is almost impossible to hit him with any attack since he will automatically dodge it. He can compensate for his non-existent offensive abilities by turning his attacker's moves against him (mostly a consequence of trying to face danger, rather than a voluntary counter). He can use his opponent's strength to parry their attacks as well.[11] Iruma has used this decent number of times since entering the Demon Realm; initially during his fight with Alice, then throughout the series.
  • Human Blood: Iruma's blood has the ability to heal external wounds almost instantaneously, whether it may be a large or a small injury. When his blood contacts any demonkind, it evaporates and closes up any graze while it glows and glitters light blue at the same time.[12] Aside from its healing capacity, Iruma's blood also has the power to instantaneously make plants grow in a massive state. A few amounts would be enough to put the plant in such a size.[13] It is unknown whether it is exclusive to Iruma's blood or human blood in general, but in a theory, this has something to do with why Demons supposedly eat Human flesh or the Demon King's Prophecy.

Iruma's extreme appetite

  • Extreme Appetite: As a result of living with his deadbeat parents, he has become the kind of person to eat as much as he can whenever he is given the opportunity and possesses an appetite far beyond anything natural. Iruma will never be picky whether the food is average or exquisite, as long as it is a standard edible food. He has been seen eating mountains of food and gobbles them up faster than normal. Not even a single demon can compare Iruma's ability to eat a great quantity of sustenance. His appetite even surpasses the the Glutton Lord of the 13 Crowns, Behemolt. The peak of his hunger is fully demonstrated during the dinner with the 13 Crowns, where he is the only person ever in the history of the demon world to ask for seconds.
  • High Survival Mode Iruma: Having a hard harsh life in his 14 years, Iruma experienced many hardships because of his carefree, irresponsible parents, and always had to fight to survive wherever he lived. Because of this, his instincts tell him the best way to live in dangerous situations and overcome anything as long as to survive. In this mode, his fighting spirit heightened for his belief, which is in order to survive, one must change themselves-- and must become the creatures who were born in the place they are trying to survive. Once Iruma participated in the Harvest Festival, this mode resurfaces and uses it on a whim.[14]
  • Strengthen Hands: During the Execution Cannonball Arc, Sullivan strengthen Iruma hands enough so he have an even chance against the other demons. This ability allows Iruma to catch balls thrown hard enough to shatter rocks, ice molds, and walls. This also reduces the burning effects of Asmodeus flames and Kirios charged bomb, though the scars remain.
  • Archery: In order to get everyone in the Misfit class to get to Rank "Daleth" (4) before the second year, Iruma gets tutored by Bachiko Barbatos in the art of archery to prepare for the harvest festival and had gained a skill to use a bow and an arrow.
  • Anti-Knock Over Spell: Iruma was able to chant this spell on his own, successfully, that he was won't trip or fall on a single day. The spell is said to be taboo that if Iruma stutters or is not mentioned properly, that person will blow into pieces. If Iruma ever closes to being fall over, the spell will activate and causes large spark and smokes. Its full incantation is Aberuhauke Tarutoudari Isabebe Risutouru Aburuze Sutoumanu Aberuge Uru Mahoraba Tsurezaza. This marked the first case of verbal magic Iruma had ever used.[15]


To see the complete record of Iruma's spells under the power of the Ring, see Used Spells.

  • Magic Emulation: Ring of Gluttony: Iruma is capable of replicating magic by channeling Sullivan's energy stored in the Ring of Gluttony. While powerful, the Ring has a finite pool of energy, so Iruma needs to be careful with its usage or the Ring will go berserk from hunger, draining the energy of those around him. Because of the massive amount of magic stored inside the ring and can release them with that same amount, Sullivan caps and nerfs this by having an option to control the magic amount of the ring used.
    • Libera: This spell increases the throwing power of the user in the form of a fiery-blue dragon surrounding the thrown object. Iruma learns this spell from Sullivan as one of the ways to win on his Cannonball Execution.[16]
    • Cherusil: A spell that can change the appearance and form of the object or person. Iruma is seen using this spell to change a frogs color, his clothes and Ali's appearence twice.
    • Quan Quan: A spell to grow special saplings into fully grown flowers or even trees. Iruma used this spell to make his seedling grow as part of his activity during Diabotany Class. His seedling ended up as a cherry blossom tree as he subconsciously thinks of it, though it is noted that it can be only found in the human world.[17]
    • Fractal (Weight Manipulation): Iruma is able to use the spell Fractal to alter the weight of an object or person he is carrying.[18]
    • La Fire: Emmits a purple flame from the finger. It varies in size according to the mode used.
    • Quartz Quartz: Transforms core material (metal, wood, feathers, or plastic) into makeshift bows. The design can be whatever Iruma envisions, and the bow can fire mana arrows from a distance.
  • Familiar-Summoning Sticker: Iruma had used this item several times in order for him to summon his supposed familiar, Naberius Kalego. Since Iruma doesn't have demon magic, and familiars are summoned verbally and at will by demons, the only way he is able to request the presence of his familiar is through the use of the sticker.[19]
  • Uniforms: Iruma had few different clothes used throughout the series and varies depending on events and circumstances.
    • School Uniform: Iruma wears an Olympic blue-colored suit with a stripe of white around the collar on the sleeves, a red demon-eyed shaped bow, and Olympian blue pants. He also wears dark blue dress shoes on his feet. Underneath his blazer, he wears a white T-shirt.
    • Student Council attire: Iruma wears a black and red suit similar to what the other members of the student council.
    • Harvest Festival Uniform: Iruma wears a light green/blue tracksuit with a feather styled bow and black boots. He also wears a pair of purple gloves with the right-handed glove having the middle finger exposed to better fit the Gluttoness Feeder Ring.
    • Winter Uniform: Iruma wears a thick dress coat with gloves on his hands and a white scarf around his neck.
  • Bow: Iruma gains this weapon from Bachiko Barbatos as a means to protect his friends and better himself as a fighter. With the core being a feather from the Guardian of Cutthroat Valley, Iruma mutters the spell "Quartz Quartz" to transform the feather into a black bow.
  • Detection warding glasses: A pair of glasses that deter the attention away from the wearer. Iruma uses a pair whenever he goes shopping with either his grandfather or Asmodeus. He also starts wearing them to school at of the start of his second year.


  • As for how much Iruma's parents were paid for him, it is not known. In the manga it was enough to buy a case Dom Pérignon. Which per bottle costs; Dom Pérignon Vintage $191 and Dom Pérignon Rose $343. That being the case they probably bought at least one case of Dom Perignon.
  • He is the only human who can collaborate with demons and is the sole summoner of demons instead of familiars.
  • The Japanese spelling of the name "Iruma" (入間) is almost identical to the Japanese spelling of "human" (人間).
  • The demons that know Iruma is human are Lord Sullivan, Opera, Azazel Ameri, Balam Shichiro and Barbatos Bachiko. As well as the antagonists Ami Kirio, Ocho and Baal.
    • Azazel Henri believes that Iruma is human, but isn't sure.
  • At Babyls, he is registered without his surname. Instead of his Kanji name, his Katakana name is used (イルマ).
  • Iruma is considered as the leader of the abnormal class of his classmates because of all his triumphs, as well as (or especially) during his Wicked Phase, of which they took the Royal One, and the challenging moments when at Walter Park.
  • Iruma is seen as a seducer by the school. This is due to him having very good relationships with multiple girls around him. There are rumors about his seduction going around the school.
  • So far Iruma appears on all of the manga volume covers.
  • Osamu refers Iruma as '悪入間 (Evil Iruma or Irumean) when depicted on his wicked phase form.[20]
  • Osamu had made an artwork with Iruma's appearance as a demon on the day of the Devil (6th of June).[21][22]
  • Osamu announces Iruma's birthday as October 4th .



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