Kirio's Secret Room is the fifthteenth episode of the anime series Mairimashita! Iruma-kun.


It is announced the Battler Party will last three days and the first place prize will be an increase in rank for the Battler members and an increase of two ranks for the Battler president. Kirio continues working on his machine, which flashbacks show he was only able to complete due to Iruma's help, and that his powerful demon friend plans to use his machine to kill as many students as possible. As Kirio works in his hidden workshop he is suddenly interrupted by Iruma, who had been dragged through the air by his ring searching for Kirio's necklace. Kirio decides to reveal to Iruma that the secret workshop is hidden on the school roof behind one way, soundproof glass, and that his plan to help the weak stand up to the strong includes the school bell, which will be rung to begin the Party. Still not understanding Kirio's meaning Iruma urges him to try and win first prize with their fireworks to prove they don’t need to be strong to win. Kirio appears happy he and Iruma are so alike. With the preparations over the Battler Party can finally begin, to Kirio's delight.





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