In the Demon World, there are three specific types of magic that exist: Verbal, Non-verbal, and Bloodline Magics.

Verbal Magic (Rarity: ★)

Verbal magic.PNG

Verbal Magic (口頭魔術) is a common use of magic that every demon use. With only a few phrases, they are able to summon or use magic with their mana.

Non-Verbal Magic (Rarity: ★★★)

Nonverbal magic.PNG

Non-Verbal Magic (無口頭魔術) is a very rare use of magic that few demons can use. In order for the demons to achieve such level of Non-Verbal magic, they have to go through various training to strengthen their magic.

Bloodline Magic (Rarity: ★★★★★)

For more information, see Bloodline Magic

Bloodline magic.PNG

Bloodline Magic/Family Ability (家系魔術) is a very special kind of magic that is unique to a specific family only. However like any other magic, they'll need to train to help strengthen their magic as well.

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