Mairimashita! Iruma-kun (魔入りました!入間くん?, lit: "Enrolled Demon Iruma!") is a manga written and illustrated by Osamu Nishi and is published in Akita Shoten's magazine Weekly Shōnen Champion. The first chapter was published on March 2, 2017, in seventeenth issue of Weekly Shōnen Champion.

Official Volume Plots


Iruma Suzuki, a 14-year old boy, was sold to a demon by his irresponsible parents in exchange for money. Surprisingly, next thing he knows, he is living with the demon and has been transferred into a school from the Demon World. There he quickly becomes friends with the demons Asmodeus Alice, Valac Clara, and Azazel Ameri. All the while Iruma must hide his status as a human, wishing that he must absolutely not stand out, while living in the Demon World.

Volume 1

Iruma-kun, a pitiful boy sold to the devil by his parents' selfishness. Should I be with someone with a devil who does not have grandchildren and will do I have to go to the devil's school?!

Volume 2

Contrary to his own intention, Iruma-san who continues to get great attention at the devil's school. I met a girl who doubted him as a "human"...!? Demon life is a big pinch!?

Volume 3

Iruma was trembled when he achieved his goal of “increasing his rank in the demon world”! The devil's school life is full of challenges. Opening of the “Division” aiming for further growth!!

Volume 4

The devil school club activity "division" finally shows off its own activity "division performance" finally opens!!!?

Volume 5

Iruma-kun who made many friends in the demon world. He's a hottest guy at the devil school, but... noticeable to the demon Kuromu who is a whole-body spirit!

Volume 6

Iruma-kun, who became more and more prominent on the stage as an idol of the Demon World. Meanwhile, the Ameri, the student council president, witnesses the appearance of Iruma, which he should not see, and decides to rehash his sexual roots (!?)!!

Volume 7

While I wanted to know more about the devil, the (extra) clever Ring of Gluttony caused a spell that turned into a bad character, causing a big turmoil!! How come I'm trying to get "a certain classroom"...!?

Volume 8

It will be a long holiday at the Devil's School ♪ ...... However, before the holidays there is a gloomy test. Iruma-kun, who is studying lessons in the demon world!! An unexpected pinch rushes into him!?

Volume 9

Iruma and his friends who visited the amusement park on the "last day" of the devil school! However, there is a huge prison in the basement of the amusement park, where a large-scale jailbreak plan is in progress...!?

Volume 10

The three demon beasts summoned by the vicious devil group "Six Fingers", Iruma and the others who never step back!!

Volume 11

Stay, stay in the Demon World, plus a date with Ameri...♪ I'm Iruma-kun, who is having a thrilling "last day"... It's not that sweet!

Volume 12

A group of problem children who have undergone a transformation after undergoing training by their teacher. Let's go to the survival test of the Babylus. "Harvest Festival" starts!!

Volume 13

The first day of the "Harvest Festival", a survival test in which first-year students from the Devil School compete for harvest. Everyone in the problem class earns points, while Iruma eats rice with Morimori!?

Volume 14

On the second day of the harvest festival, there are still 0 points to Iruma & Lied's team. With the aim of reversing one shot, we will begin to search for the harvest "Legendary Leaf"!! The greatest crisis approaches during such an entrance ...!?

Volume 15

Harvest festival, last spurt!! First-year students collide with each other as they take on the title of "Young King", the title of the young devil that the winner holds!

Volume 16

In exchange for retirement, Asmodeus saved Iruma and Clara's predicament. In response to everyone's wishes, can Iruma win the harvest festival at the harvest festival...?

Volume 17

A group of problematic students are aiming to win the music festival by uniting together. However, in order to do so, the cooperation of a certain devil is indispensable...!

Volume 18


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The series has been producing 159 chapters every week on Weekly Shounen Champion magazine, and presently has 17 tankōbon volumes which are then published on Shōnen Champion Comics. As of May 2020, the first sixteen volumes of the manga has cumulatively reached a total of 4 Million copies sold.[1] Previously on January 2020, this was 2.5 Million.[2]

List of Volumes

Volume Chapters Release Date ISBN
1 1 - 7 July 7, 2017 ISBN 978-4-253-22516-8
2 8 - 16 October 6, 2017 ISBN 978-4-253-22517-5
3 17 - 25 December 8, 2017 ISBN 978-4-253-22518-2
4 26 - 34 February 8, 2018 ISBN 978-4-253-22519-9
5 35 - 43 May 8, 2018 ISBN 978-4-253-22520-5
6 44 - 52 July 6, 2018 ISBN 978-4-253-22548-9
7 53 - 61 September 7, 2018 ISBN 978-4-253-22549-6
8 62 - 70 November 8, 2018 ISBN 978-4-253-22550-2
9 71 - 79 February 8, 2019 ISBN 978-4-253-22559-5
10 80 - 88 April 8, 2019 ISBN 978-4-253-22560-1
11 89 - 97 June 7, 2019 ISBN 978-4-253-22891-6
12 98 - 106 September 6, 2019 ISBN 978-4-253-22892-3
13 107 - 115 October 8, 2019 ISBN 978-4-253-22893-0
14 116 - 124 December 6, 2019 ISBN 978-4-253-22894-7
15 125 - 133 January 8, 2020 ISBN 978-4-253-22895-4
16 134 - 142 April 8, 2020 ISBN 978-4-253-22896-1
17 143 - 151 June 8, 2020 ISBN 978-4-253-22897-8
18 152 - 172 September 8, 2020 ISBN 978-4-253-22898-5


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