Melony (メロニー ) is a Class B[1] student attending Babyls Demon School as a first year.


Melony has a semi-long shoulder-length hair with a huge horn on her right side of her face, and her left-eye hidden with her strands of hair. She wears a scarf along her neck, a lithium armor with a skirt, and also wears a pair of black gloves.[2] Her ears suggest that she is from an Elf race.

Story Arcs

Harvest Festival Arc

She briefly appears during the opening of the Harvest Festival, cheering on as Stolas Suzy and Dandalion Dali announces its commencements and aperture of the four entrances.[3]

She appears again together with several other students in Garp Goemon and Agares Picero's magic-made fortress in exhaustion from collecting ingredients.[4]

When the fortress is attacked by Caim Kamui and Crocell Kerori and their beasts legions, Melony and the others helped to fight the domain. Ultimately, all of the ingredients collected by Melony and the others kindheartedly donates it to Picero's team so that they can win the Harvest Festival, which led them to have a total of 32,300 points.[5]

Music Festival Arc

Melony is briefly seen in helping out a background stage in preparation for some activities for the Music Festival.[6]


  • She is one of the minor characters aside from Yocchan to have only their first names; although hers wasn't mentioned from the manga but was revealed through as a question in twitter.


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