Morax Momonoki is one of the prestigious professors who teaches Transfiguration at Babyls Academy, a school in the demon world.


Momonoki is a slim tall demon that has light blue eyes and hair that she puts up in ponytail. She is normally seen wearing the staff female uniform from the Babyls school.


Though being a teacher around her students, Momonoki is shown to be somewhat shy as she shows to have feelings for Naberius Kalego, a fellow teacher. She absolutely adores Kalego's familiar form, and takes any chance she gets to gush over seeing it.

Story Overview

Introduction Arc

Momonoki is briefly seen during her Transfiguration class, changing a purple-colored frog to a glittering-like state. [1]


Naberius Kalego - Momonoki has a crush on Kalego, as his private notebook was used to get her to sign the Classroom Change application for the Misfit Class. She also finds his familiar form especially cute, moreso than anybody else.


  • Momonoki is one of two teachers with the name "Morax", with her being the younger-looking one.
  • Mairimashita! Iruma-kun Anime Episode 6
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