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My Desire (僕の欲, Boku no Yoku) is the forty-first episode and the 18th episode of the second season of the anime series Mairimashita! Iruma-kun.


Iruma readies himself to absorb the beast's magic as everyone watches in shock

Before the composite magical beast explodes, Iruma sets his Ring of Gluttony to Ifrit mode and orders Arikured to devour all of the monster's magical energy. On the other hand, Arikured resents that order, and the two get into an argument, while Ronove watches from behind, figuring Iruma is talking to himself. Managing to convince Arikured to follow through with his order, they also ask that Iruma lends his strength as well, to which, he happily agrees to do. Iruma then casts Cherusil making Arikured transform into a giant yellow cat creature that devours the beast's magic causing it to be no more than a shriveled-up husk. After this, Kalego approaches Iruma and disciplines him, to which, Iruma understands that he went too far and didn't follow his teacher's advice. Still, however, Iruma argues that he acted on his own desire that motivated him to save everyone. Although Kalego still reprimands him, he claims that next time he'll take the spotlight.

Meanwhile, the prisoners of Walter Park witness Amy Kirio be rescued by the Six Fingers who bow to him as their leader. Wett conveys that they followed Lord Baal's to rescue him and the prisoners watch in anger that Kirio isn't following through with his side of the deal. However, Kirio states that he never promised to help release them, but relishes the anguish in their faces.

Afterward, a parade is held for the Babyls Demon School students and teachers for saving everyone in the park lead by Ronove and his father Rosevelt. Hidden in an alleyway, Kirio is astounded that Iruma was the one to defeat the beast, and just as he tries to say that he and Iruma are something together. Baal contacts him by walkie-talkie and demands to know if Kirio had escaped. Kirio answers yes and is immediately reprimanded by Baal who also notes he wished that the park was destroyed to make way for the new world he's trying to create. Baal then orders Kirio to return to the base, which Kirio consents to, but before leaving he says that he and Iruma are mortal enemies. Back to Iruma, he receives from Opera his bag and in it finds the promise note that Lord Sullivan gave him and reads it.

Lord Sullivan tearfully embraces Iruma

That afternoon, at the Rosevelt Hotel, Lord Sullivan arrives and tearfully embraces Iruma. Later Kalego and Balam discuss the culprits behind the attack, however, as it turns out, nobody who came in contact with them remembers their names or appearances. When they enter Kalego's room, Jazz, Caim, Shax, and Gaap sit and eat snacks on his bed while roleplaying as Kalego. Kalego then kicks them all out and Balam notes how they all must admire him, but Kalego refutes that notion. Elsewhere, Ix is captivated by the selection of dresses the hotel offers, all of which she and the other girls can take home with them. They all then go to the buffet area where everyone else is at.

Once Iruma finishes eating, he steps outside to the rooftop and is soon joined by Ameri who uses the opportunity to get romantically closer with Iruma. Iruma then tells Ameri that his ideal is still having fun with everyone and wants to continue protecting that ideal of his. In order to achieve that, he's resolved to change, which pleases Ameri, and asks him if they can have a private day together with him. Before Iruma could give an answer, Clara and Azz interrupt their moment together. However, Iruma still agrees to a special day together with Ameri causing her to faint.

Due to a press conference given by Rosevelt and Lord Sullivan announcing that Iruma is a "Hero", Iruma is swarmed by new reporters the next day. Because of the news reporters, Clara offers Iruma and Azz to stay at her house.





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