Ocho is one of the demons that support Baal's movement in reclaiming the current system of the Demon World.

He was an antagonist during the Harvest Festival Arc as he infiltrated the Babylus Demon School and acted as if he is one of the participants in the Harvest Festival and manipulated Orobus Coco.


He appears to be a man of average height with a thin build. He has a pair of dark colored overalls that stop at the nee with a simple crown on the front. His shirt is long sleeved with stripes on the sleeves and he doesn't wear socks because he's smelly as fuck. He also appears to be wearing either clown shoes due to being an absolute clown or weird elfish shoes because he is a pretentious prick. His mouth and teeth appear to be very dark. His hair is very short save for two bits of hair framing his face with a sprout of hair on top that looks like a fleur de lis. Like most other characters present in the manga, he has pointed ears and painted nails, which is cool. Like Kirio his eyes are usually seen closed but when open his pupils are very small.

Nothing can be said about his color palette for certain as he doesn't appear to have a colored image or anything of himself but we can somewhat safely assume he is mostly monochrome/grayscale colors based on the way he is shaded and colored in the manga.


HE is a very manipulative man, as shown when he is manipulating Orobus Coco and making him target the Misfits class. He also has a very joker-esque attitude of everything if that makes sense.

Story Overview

Harvest Festival Arc


Baal - He serves Baal

Orobus Coco -

Ami Kirio -


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