Opera (オペラ) is a servant working under Lord Sullivan. They are often seen preparing Iruma for school, assisting Lord Sullivan in his work, and offering advice. They are also often seen escorting Iruma to school.

Sullivan's servant who does the chores around the house.

Opera's rank is currently unknown. Humorously, Opera was Kalego's senior during their tenure at Babyls as students and is the only person who Kalego genuinely seems to fear.

Lord Sullivan's assistant, who appears as an androgynous cat-eared demon and also works as a secretary of sorts. Opera lives in the same house as Sullivan and Iruma, and manages the laundry, cooking, timetabling and transport for the two of them. They have a master-servant relationship, with Sullivan relying heavily on Opera's abilities and advice to keep him on track and away from distractions.


Opera has red hair with a straight cut fringe and a short plait. They have a pair of red, cat-like hairs protruding from their hair, in addition to the second, elf-like pointed ears they possess. They have red eyes, small thick black eyebrows and a pale complexion. They also have a black, cat-like tail.

They often wear formal attire, particularly a red vest over a white shirt and a striped red and white tie, and navy dress pants.

They are androgynous in appearance, with delicate features, slight stature and a plait but a masculine dress sense, and no otherwise overly feminine features.


Opera has a serious, down to earth personality. They often act as a voice of reason for Lord Sullivan, but are usually ignored. They are mostly reserved with their opinion, but will voice the occasional concern or cynical remark, and will sometimes dispense helpful advice.

Their interactions with Naberius Kalego reveal that they have a somewhat more mischievous and sadistic side not normally shown in their professional behavior, which was especially prominent in their highschool years.


Not much is known about Opera's life prior to their employment to Lord Sullivan. However, it is known that Opera attended and graduated from Barbirus Demon School, several classes ahead of Naberius Kalego, whom they often teased and bullied.

Story Overview


Lord Sullivan

Suzuki Iruma


Super Strength: as in episode 19 they are seen destroying the hardest target with ease and carrying a boulder to strike at the bowling game.

Extreme Precision: as in episode 19 they are seen to shoot the middle of the target multiple times splitting their own arrows in half.


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