Orias Oswell is one of the prestigious professors who teaches Astrology at Babyls Academy, a school in the demon world.


Oswell is a lean tall demon who has blonde eyes that always look stern with bags under his eyes and has blonde-colored hair. Unlike the other male staff that clothes the Babylus teacher uniform, he wears his trademarked all-purple hat and suit, and also wears a pair of white gloves.


Oswell is known to be very prideful specially on his family's magic, but doesn't speak much aside from giving lessons during school.

Story Overview

Introduction Arc

Oswell is briefly seen teaching his Astrology subject to students.[1]

Iruma's Evil Cycle Arc

During the acquisition of the Royal One at Iruma's Evil Cycle Arc, he is one of the professors who was particularly hard to convince for the Abnormal Class' signature on the Classroom Change Permit.


Lucky Happy (Stellar Fortune): Oswell's bloodline magic that grants him an immense luck whenever and wherever, as long as it involves chance as it will always go in his favor.




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