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Purson Soi is a freshman student at Babylus Demon School attending the Abnormal Class alongside Suzuki Iruma. He is briefly known anonymously under the alias Pixie who plays the trumpet in the school every 5 pm in the afternoon.


Soi is a lean tall demon who has a bowl-cut style white-colored hair. He also has a pair of miniature-sized black horns on his head and has pointy ears. His skin tone is very light. Soi wears the typical Babylus male's uniform except that his bow only has pale lavender strings, instead of the usual ribbon. He doesn't seem able to retract his wings, which are seen as very small, unlike the rest of his classmates.


Soi, at a glance and when mostly seen, is quiet and doesn't really talk to any of his classmates. His mouth is never seen to open, with their eyes expresses a blank state and his face had always looked bland and gloomy as if he's always bored. He often tends to turn his head to one side or the other when appears.

In truth, however, Soi is a very sophisticated person and has a lot of knowledge of words. Although his father forbids him to do anything with him standing out, he still has his way with words, though mostly to himself; outspoken or in mind. As someone who had never got any conversation with anyone besides his family, as mentioned, he often talks to himself, or if ever finds himself being able to talk comfortably with someone, he will yap endlessly.[2]


Soi has a very strict and conservative family, which all due because of his ancestral magic bloodline. They have a long history of being "recognized" as lone wolves, and it’s their mantra to always be unnoticeable, silent, and hidden.

When his mother had caught him talking too much by himself, disobeying his father's orders, she gave him a trumpet. Instead of speaking, she wanted Soi to convert that action to play the instrument instead.

Story Overview

Introduction Arc

Soi is seen together with all Babylus students in the entrance ceremony.

As Lord Sullivan organized the acquisition of the Abnormal Class, Soi is listed as one of the students and he appeared during the first day of the class. He is seen quietly staring at the cracked broken window, as his name is being called for a roll call by Naberius Kalego.

He also took part in the flying race, as seen initially before the race, although he wasn't seen much during the race. Afterward, as Kalego introduces their starting rank badges, he got his from a ranking owl and got a rank of Beth, which is second in the Demon Ranking System.

Cannonball Execution Arc

He participated in the Cannonball Execution that was organized to be done together as a class. He was put under team B, which compromised of Shax Lied, Garp Goemon, Allocer Schneider, Caim Kamui, Crocell Kerori, Asmodeus Alice and himself. In the end, they ultimately lost against Team A, on which Iruma had gained the final victory.

Iruma's Evil Cycle Arc

Soi briefly helped to acquit one of the papers needed to gain the Royal One by asking for a recommendation letter from a Babylus staff.

Final Exams Arc

He is briefly seen to take the first final semester exams and collectively passed them together as a class.

Music Festival Arc

As the Abnormal Class prepares a strategy in preparation on making everyone increase their rank to 4th Rank, Daleth for the Harvest Festival, they are briefly interrupted by Naberius Kalego as he proclaims there is a thirteenth student, which was Soi. Everyone seems to be in shock by this information, while Iruma subconsciously knew he existed before. He quickly dissipated as he gained the attention, as his bloodline magic, Anti Recognition, does not allow him to be physically acknowledged.[3]

Soi is now consistently blabbered by his classmates, asking him what are his hobbies and his thoughts on their choice of performance for the festival. Soi, unfortunately, vanishes back and forth in this manner until he fully dissipates, leaving the rest of his classmates to find him outside. Iruma, however, notices Soi as he is still inside the classroom. Before he could disappear once again, Iruma obliges him to speak in monologue instead of talking to him directly so he wouldn't feel pressured to talk. This continues from him to apologize about not being able to not notice there's a 13th student from the Abnormal Class, and also mentioned how Soi doesn't have to stand out just because all of his classmates want him to, in speaking of personal experience from it. Soi then completely materializes and talked-- and spoke a lot of responses and his concerns about it, much to Iruma's astonishment.[4]


Soi dissipates and reappearing to Iruma.

Anti Recognition: Soi's Family Bloodline Magic. It's in their nature that they absolutely are not able to stand out. They dissipate instantly if they get too much attention. In a sense, they are able to use this as if they are teleporting, which in the state they can traverse freely and can re-appear to new locations.[4]

Expert Trumpist: Soi is an expert at trumpet playing.


Trumpet: Soi comes equipped with the trumpet when he visits the school roof to play a bunch of music notes. The instrument may have come from his mother's after advising him to use it to play instead of talking.


Iruma Suzuki


  • In demonology, Purson is a Great King of Hell, who controls twenty-two legions of demons. has been said to knows of hidden things, can find treasures, and tells past, present, and future. Taking a human or aerial body he answers truly all the secret and divine things of Earth and the creation of the world.


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