Raim is one of the prestigious professors at Babyls Academy, a school in the demon world. She is a succubus teacher who teaches an all girls-only class for seduction. She has a habit of saying Kyupa~ (きゅっぱん) as a form of flirtatious greeting.


Raim has purple eyes and hair. The clothes she normally wears are a sexy top, short skirt, and nylons. She has a red tail with a heart at the end.


Due to being a succubus, Raim is one of the most provocatively erotically acting characters. She's very proud as a teacher and encouraging of her students and their sexiness. However, she can be shocked easily by her student's lack of sexiness, so much that when her student Clara only had a 2% sexiness, Raim was so shocked she focused most of her time on Clara to help her improve.



Ero Scope (Aesthetic Eye) (で対象の魅力(エロ)): As Raim is a succubus demon, she has its inherent power exclusive only for their kind, which lets her measure the sexual and erotic appeal and skill of the demons she looks at. It will be visualized as a percentage ranking, of which the higher the amount is, the higher their sexiness are (though there are circumstances where the number is censored as the amount is unquantifiable)[1]. There are also few equipment that exists to block-off (or partially conceal) this power and its erotic level may not be overall accurate to that demon.


Valac Clara

Clara had attended the ‘Seduction Lesson’ elective conducted by Raim (Chapter 37). Clara was a problematic student for Raim then as her ‘Sexy Scope‘ ability showed that Clara’s eros level is only 2%. Raim gave Clara lots of advices about how to become more sexual, but all the Clara’s attempts had failed. However, Clara refused Raim’s offer to use ‘A Succubus’s trademark aphrodisiac’. Rise of Clara’s eros level to 10% after talking to Iruma surprised Raim, but she felt happy about that ‘special girl’.

In the Harvest Festival Arc, Clara became Raim’s mentee along with Ix Elizabetta and trained under her supervision. Raim taught Clara a special skill called ‘Clara’s Toybox’ which is a combination of Clara’s and Raim’s bloodline abilities. In Chapter 108 it is shown that this skill can affect even Raim on her own, so she calls ‘Clara’s Toybox’ a ’fearsome technique’.

Raim turned out to be more loyal to Clara after their trainings because she discovered that Clara is not sexually unattractive but has her own, ‘innocent’ sexuality. Though she is still calling Clara ‘baby-chan’, she can’t help but admit that her student has improve her seduction skills a lot.

Ix Elizabetta


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