The Ring of Gluttony is a ring of Solomon. The person who possesses this ring is said by The Demon King's Prophecy to be the one to rise to power and fill the empty position of the Demon King.


A golden ring that at a glance looks very simplistic but in closer view it has a gear like function that switches for different modes of power output.


The ring manifests a personality through an embodiment that later gained a personality and surreal character named as Arikured.


Devil Mode - This is the lowest power output it has, able to make a small fire.

Demon Mode - Has a stronger output than LDM

Ifrit Mode - The strongest mode available without special requirements able to make a large fire that is several times larger than LDM’s fire

Pandora - The Final and most powerful mode of the ring that uses all the magic available in the ring leaving the host vulnerable to all attacks after. For it to be activated, it requires the host to say Pandora. (Pandoroola in the anime)

Used Spells

These are known used spells used by Iruma under the power of the ring:

Usage Screenshot Spell Name Description Ring Mode Magic Reference
Twice Iruma Quan Quan Spell.png Quan Quan This verbal magic allowed Iruma to summon a supposed plant that he envisioned on his mind. He ended up summoning a large cherry blossom that stayed forever at the Diabotany Tower. He used this once again to activate the Legendary Leaf during the Harvest Festival in Ifrit Mode. Maijin Mode
Ifrit Mode
Verbal Magic + Plant-Based Magic Mairimashita Iruma-kun Anime Episode 6 + Manga Chapter 136

Twice Libera Iruma Spell.png Libera Together with an object thrown alongside when incanted, it creates a presumable energy-based eastern shaped dragon for attacks that rush towards its target.When used in Pandora Mode, the color of the energy further darkens which was strong enough to break through Kirio's enhanced barriers. Devil Mode
Pandora Mode
Verbal Magic + Energy-Based Magic Mairimashita Iruma-kun Anime Episode 9 + Episode ?


  • La Fire: Iruma emits a purple flame which grows in size depending on which mode the ring is set on.


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