Run, Iruma, to Kirio! is the seventeenth episode of the anime series Mairimashita! Iruma-kun.


Sullivan senses the barriers is appearing at School. Iruma realises the barriers are that of Kirio’s which he saw before. Naberius finds out that the barriers are self-repairing, meaning that it could only have been cast by a Tet, 9th Rank and can likely only be fully destroyed by a Yodh, 10th Rank like Sullivan, meaning his arrest was arranged beforehand. Naberius manages to move by breaking barriers and moving through before they can repair and has another teacher announce to the students that the barriers are a surprise maze event by the New Magic and Game Battlers. Naberius begins researching all demons with barrier creation abilities. When most of the students make it to the courtyard easily, Naberius worries they were manipulated into going to the courtyard. Kirio loads the firework into his School Destroyer machine but suddenly realizes Iruma is heading to the lab, somehow finding his way toward Kirio even though Kirio destroyed his necklace. A flashback reveals Asmodeus deduced Kirio must have been planning his attack for years and is now using a map of the school and one of Kirio’s magical apparatus, copied by Clara, to guide Iruma through the barriers. Naberius identifies Kirio as the likely suspect and orders the teachers to capture him. Part of the school collapses and Ameri saves a student from being killed. Iruma finally reaches the lab.





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