Shiida is a staff employee at the Walter Park in the Demon World. She saved Iruma from almost being taken to a shadowy place in the park by another Demon. It is later revealed that she's a member of a terrorist group know as the Six Fingers to destroy the park and under Baal's orders, to free Ami Kirio from prison.


Shiida has spiky boyish short hair. She wears short shorts, a sports bra, and a cape. She's got a rather stern face, as well as an intense glare, which causes her to scare away animals when she tries to touch them. She has a rather lithe build, but despite that, she has a strong enough grip to easily crush another demon's hand in hers.


Shiida is rather stern and serious normally, and fully up for fighting if necessary, but she likes animals despite scaring them and enjoys spending time having fun with Iruma when they met. She pretends to be Iruma's sister to save him from some shady demon and proceeds to spend some time acting like a doting older sister to him.


Walter Park Arc

Shiida saves Iruma when he was being pulled in a dark ally at the park by another demon. After bringing him out of the ally and introducing herself as one of the staff workers, she spends time with him by buying him ice cream, riding sheep, taking photos, and riding the Ferris wheel together. She separates herself from Iruma after he's returned to his friends.

Shiida is next seen talking with her fellow staff worker Wett, though it turns out that she, Wett, and four other staff workers are a terrorist group known as the Six Fingers to destroy the park and unleashed magical beasts to do so. The beasts are later defeated by Iruma and his friends.

Shiida and the group make their way into the prison and successfully free Kirio who happens to be one of their leaders. As they leave the park under Baal's order before the Demon Border Control arrive, she looks to see Iruma being celebrated as a hero of the park knowing the next time they meet, they will be enemies.



Iruma Suzuki - During her time with him she acted as his older sister.


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