The Battler's Presentation is the fourteenth episode of the anime series Mairimashita! Iruma-kun.


Sullivan is questioned by Demon Border Control. Most of the first years panic at the thought of their parents visiting the school. Sullivan appoints Naberius as temporary school director while the rest of the staff wonders what Sullivan did to get arrested. Kirio reveals that all Battlers give presentations competing for prizes, maybe even a rise in rank, but the Magical Apparatus Battler has such a small budget they normally stand no chance, until Iruma is inspired to create fireworks. As the testing requires darkness Kirio decides they must stay at school overnight. While trying to create gunpowder Kirio reveals he has an ability to create magical barriers, the only reason he survives so many explosions. Iruma asks Ameri to loan him one of her manga so Kirio can see what a firework should look like, but she refuses, at least until she realizes she would get to see real fireworks. After they successfully create fireworks, they exhaust themselves with a pillow fight, utilizing Iruma's dodge ability and Kirio's barriers. Kirio is later contacted by a powerful demon that can use lightning magic, revealing he is the reason Sullivan has been arrested and he has been plotting with Kirio to create a machine to destroy the school.





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