The Magical Apparatus Battler / The Thirteen's Dinner Is the thirteenth episode of the anime series Mairimashita! Iruma-kun.


The council members are confused over Amelie's sudden enthusiasm for Battler recruitment. Iruma texts her that he won't be able to visit the council after Kirio's explosion, but Amelie believes finding out she is the council president has scared him away. Kirio explains that he researches and creates magic items, but his magic power is so weak he cannot use the items he creates. His goal is to allow weaker demons to stand up to the higher level demons that mistreat them. Iruma decides to join his Battler and he is followed by Clara and Asmodeus. Iruma does later visit the student council, to Amelie's delight, at least until Iruma explains he joined another Battler.

With the trial period over the school prepares for the Battler Party for Battlers to welcome their new recruits and meet their parents. Sullivan must attend the Thirteen's Dinner, a meeting of the Netherworld's thirteen greatest heroes, all of whom are concerned the netherworld is falling to chaos without a Demon-King, and believe it is time to raise either Sullivan, Levi or Belial to the throne. Levi and Belial agree Sullivan should take the throne but Sullivan refuses as he would have less time to spend with Iruma. Henri, one of the thirteen and Amelie's father, is forced to arrest Sullivan after finding evidence Sullivan illegally visited the human world.





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