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The Miracle of Some Fools is the thirty-first episode and the eighth episode of the second season of the anime series Mairimashita! Iruma-kun.


Robin accompanied by Dali and Kalego walk and talk about how the Misfit Class has managed to collect nearly all of the faculty members approval, aside from Kalego. When pestered by Robin on the subject, Kalego incapacitates him and states that he'll handle the manner in a dignified manner. Dali then asks if Kalego would approve of their request, but he firmly states that he'll refuse it. Close by, a couple of janitors tend to the flowers that Iruma planted.

S2 EP8 The Royal One has been Approved.png

Eventually, the Misfit Class meets with Kalego in the Teacher's Faculty Room drawing a large crowd of students outside. Although the students have managed to collect all of the stamps from every teacher in the school to acquire the Royal One. Kalego points out they've failed to collect the stamps from everyone else. This includes the cafeteria workers, janitors, the school store owner, librarians, and everyone else he failed to mention. The misfit class upset by this revelation, Kalego calmly states that they clearly misunderstood his instructions. Right when Iruma tries to argue how unfair the agreement is, Kalego silences him and lectures them on how foolhardy they all are. However, he does praise them for their efforts and allows them to use any of the other classrooms in the school except the Royal One. At that moment, a janitor comes in and gives Iruma his stamped approval paper. Learning that it's not enough for them to get the Royal One Classroom, the janitor calls in the rest of the faculty to hand in their stamped approval papers. Each of the faculty members reveals that they all wanted to help Iruma because he helped them all in the past with their problems. Now in possession of the remaining approved slips, they need to get Kalego's approval stamp. Kalego begrudgingly gives his stamp for the Royal One Classroom, which allows the Misfit Class to use the Royal One classroom.

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On the day of the Royal One opening, a small festival of the sort is held in the surrounding area in celebration of the historical event. Most of the Misfit class are amazed that so many people came to see the Royal One opening, however, Orias points out that the people are also there to see them. Orias then details that they'll no longer be called the Misfit Class, but the Amazing Class, making the class feel antsy. Elsewhere, Iruma accompanied by Clara and Azz watch as Iruma once again handly overwhelms the stir-fry club with his gluttonous skills. They briefly discuss how everyone in the class' hard work helped them acquire the Royal One when Kalego approaches them. He states that he got the go-ahead from Lord Sullivan to open the Royal One. As Kalego prepares to open up the Royal One, he explains the backstory of the classroom. Some of the faculty then unlock the locks around the door and the Royal One opens. Wasting no time, the class rushes in and look around the place, completely awestricken. Iruma heads into the deeper part of the room where their new classroom was and is followed by his fellow classmates. It's there that Iruma finds a throne in the back of the room and sits on it, leaving his fellow classmates stupefied.

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The following day, Iruma returns to his old self. Ali comes out of their ring commenting on how well their plan worked and how it felt about Iruma's personality during his "Evil Cycle". Figuring they'd be praised for their actions, Ali is then grabbed and shook around by Iruma who throws a tantrum of how embarrassed he is of how he acted those past 3 days. Meanwhile, in the dining room, Lord Sullivan plucks the petals of a flower debating whether Iruma will stay rebellious or turn back into a good boy. Iruma then walks into the room and apologizes for his behavior those past few days. Lord Sullivan then emotionally hugs Iruma and says he'll get the carriage ready for him, but he refuses to ride it. From there, Iruma apologizes to Azz and Clara for his behavior and later to Ameri and finally to his classmates in their new classroom. Everyone in the class then takes a photo op with Iruma sitting on the throne. Meanwhile, the flower that Iruma planted was once again being tended by the janitors who comment it bloomed into a wonderful flower.





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