The One Who Wants to Be Demon King is the fifth episode in the anime series Mairimashita! Iruma-kun.


Sabnock aims to be the Demon King not because of a tragic backstory, but because it's the coolest thing a demon can become. The Guardian's child carries Iruma to the Guardian and Sabnock's battle. Iruma saves Sabnock by coaxing the Guardian that its child is okay and that Sabnock and him mean no harm. Sabnock then deems Iruma worthy of being a rival.

Azz and Clara arrive first that the flag, meanwhile Iruma and Sabnock arrive last on the back of the Cutthroat Valley Guardian. As those that came in last, they are made to sit and repent their behavior. Despite befriending the Guardian is an amazing feat, Kalego cares naught.

Students pick pins from the Rank Owl's pocket that will state their rank depending on their performance in this trial. Azz pulls Dalet, and Clara pulls Gimel. Sabnok pulls bet while Iruma causes the rank owl to fly away screeching in distress. He is stuck with a ring without rank that is hungers for magical power. Sabnock recalls the demon king prophecy, as it says the next king is from another realm to make all demons his underlings, heal them and wields the golden Ring of Solomon on his right hand.

The ring on Iruma's hand produces a sentient black flame attacking everyone near to sap them of their magical power. Iruma and Clara reflexively try coddling the creature to calm it down. Before Kalego can amputate Iruma's arm, Lord Sullivan intervenes and grants the ring some of his power. Lord Sullivan explains that it is called a Gluttonous Feeder Ring. Iruma is later ranked as an Alef.


  • Naberious Kalego
  • Lord Sullivan
  • Iruma Suzuki
  • Asmodeus Alice
  • Valac Clara
  • Sabnock Sabro




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