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The Secret of the Ring is the twenty-forth and first episode of the second season of the anime series Mairimashita! Iruma-kun.


Clara gets to hold Iruma's bag.png

Iruma wakes up from his bed by the sound of his alarm clock and looking outside of his window thinks that day will be another great day. In the dining room, Iruma greets his grandfather Lord Sullivan and butler Opera, who, in turn, greet him. Wasting no time, Iruma enjoys his breakfast and Opera serves him some tea. Sullivan then states that his Ring of Gluttony is a little hungry and then proceeds to feed it full. Soon, Azz and Clara meet with Iruma by the front gate to walk with him to school. Clara immediately compliments Iruma's ahoge as "on point", which Azz rebukes as an insult to Iruma's choice of hairstyle. He then figures he should perchance get the same hairstyle as Iruma, however, Iruma admonishes that thought. So Azz offers to carry his bag for him, but Iruma declines so Clara then tries to carry it, which once again Azz rebukes Clara for her impertinence. Perhaps unintentionally, Clara asks if she could please hold Iruma's bag and being the person that he is, allows her, which frustrates Azz.

Kalego informs his students of the End-of-the-terminus tests.png

Arriving close to the school, the students flying in the sky note how the Iruma corps have arrived and are continuing their flightless walk to school. Immediately, Clara suggests they race to see who can arrive at the school first and rushes off with Azz upsettingly following right behind her for carelessly handling Iruma's bag. At the school auditorium, the students and faculty sing the Babyls School Anthem. Later on their way to class, Iruma and group help the two janitors move some trash from the stairway that leads to their classroom. Kalego witnesses this scene with disgust and in class didactically tells his students to always be on their best behavior and to ready for the upcoming, "End-of-the-terminus" tests. Iruma figures they're like school finals and believes he should study for them as Kalego states he doesn't care if they all fail.

Ali in his new form.png

Later in the day, the misfit class attend their basic magic class with Momonoki and start with her specialty Transformation Magic. The assignment for that class is to change the color of the frog in a jar and Momonoki has Iruma go first and details the spell name, "Cherusil". As Azz and Clara cheer on Iruma, he sets his ring to the appropriate dial, Iruma casts the spell and changes the frog's color to black. Taking his seat, Iruma is praised by Azz and Clara, while he thinks he's grown accustomed to his ring. By lunch time, Iruma heads to the lunch hall with Azz and Clara who discuss what they'll have for lunch that day. When he's separated from the two, the spirit from his ring pops out and in a panic Iruma tries to hide it and exclaims that he has to find his grandfather to feed it again. However, the spirit calmly states that its not hungry, which perplex Iruma as it talked. Although the ring at first thinks nothing of it, its then astounded that it's able to talk. A group of girls comprised of, Azuki, Haruno, Dosanko, and Konatsu see the spirit from Iruma's ring and in a panic, Iruma runs off. Within Prep room # 3, Iruma explains the spirit's history to it. Believing that it's will and emotions gave it the power to speak, it states that it has a mountain of things it wants to convey to Iruma. First, Iruma isn't properly using his magic power and second, he lacks elegance. The spirit goes onto state that as punishment of Iruma's continuous misuse of its abilities, it won't let him use its magical powers anymore. Hearing this has Iruma flustered and the spirit goes onto explain that magic is a power based on desire and uses the spell cast in his magic class as an example. The spirit then asks that Iruma cast a transformation spell onto it with set prerequisites and Iruma agrees to do so. Following the instructions to the best of his ability, Iruma casts "Cherusil", the end result has the spirit chastise Iruma for his simplistic imagination. Once the spirit settles down, Iruma has it stop addressing him as Master and he settles with Lil' Iru and the spirit settles with Ali.

Ameri catches Iruma in a dress.png

Elsewhere, Ameri stares at a billboard with a pinned poster featuring the hit idol duo Kuromu and Irumi. Ameri contemplates whether or not that Irumi is in fact Iruma and cogitates the facts that either prove or disprove the notion. Ultimately, she believes that Irumi is someone else entirely. Back to Ali and Iruma, Ali has Iruma cast the transformation spell on himself, and he does so on his clothes changing them to a pure white color. Seeking a more dynamic approach, a fashion show is done, where Iruma tries on a bunch of different kinds of clothing. However, the clothes lack originality, so Ali challenges Irumi to transform his clothing into something he'd never normally wear. Indecisive on what he should wear and being pressured by Ali to try something, Iruma changes into a girlish dress and Ameri catches this and is left astonished. Iruma tries to explain everything to Ameri who is unable to comprehend or believe anything that Iruma says and runs off in a flustered state leaving Iruma crestfallen.

Opera lulls Iruma to sleep.png

Waltzing down the outside hallway, because of the huge misunderstanding that Ameri witnessed, Iruma wonder how he'll explain it all to her later. Ali then appears from the ring and advises him that he should tell Ameri that he's into that kind of thing. When questioned where he was during the incident, Ali responds that he watched the scene play out from the safety of the ring. Also asked why he doesn't appear in front of people, Ali responds that it's to protect his identity from people with ill-intents, something that Iruma can relate to. Still, however, Iruma is in a tizzy about the misunderstanding with Ameri and wants to clear things up with her. Therefore, Ali offers to appear if he feels that its safe. With all of that in mind, Iruma plans to clear the misunderstanding with Ameri and figure out the secret to the ring. Figuring that his grandfather may have more information related to the ring and how it talks, Iruma later approaches his grandfather over the subject. However, Sullivan claims that rings can't talk and his ring is only a magical storing apparatus. On the other hand, Iruma tries to argue his experience with it and Sullivan believes that Iruma is tired and offers him some warm milk. Sequentially tucked into bed by Opera whom lulls Iruma to sleep.

Iruma in the library.png

Afterward, Iruma finds information in a book in relation to the Ring of Gluttony. This leads to Ali admitting having absolute no recollection of any of the events that have occurred involving it. To the best of its ability, Ali first gained awareness from the incident with Amy Kirio. Apparently Ali wanted to inform Iruma that Amy was a dangerous individual, other than that, Ali can't pinpoint the exact time and date it started to gain awareness. Because of their significant lack of valid information, Iruma is stuck at a standstill once again. Ali then uses some fireworks and gives Irumi an epiphany that Ali's awareness started to take fruition after he reached Bet Rank, now that he's reached Gimel Rank Ali is capable of conversation. Hence, every time Iruma Ranks up, Ali gains a new ability. Elated by this revelation, Iruma is determined to rank up once again to Dalet, to which, Ali points out that'd make Iruma stand out more then.

That night, Iruma enjoys dinner at home, and Opera and Sullivan note their relief that Iruma is doing better now ever since he mentioned the talking ring. After dinner, Iruma heads straight to bed, but the following day he realizes that he hasn't cleared the misunderstanding with Ameri.





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