Together with Familiar! / The Battler's Challenge Is the eleventh episode of the anime series Mairimashita! Iruma-kun.


Since the rank exam is over, Ameri and Iruma read manga together again. Iruma is distracted about what his true dreams may be and struggles paying attention.

Balse Robin is the new teacher in charge of mentoring the students about Familiars. Iruma is reluctant to summon his familiar, but is unable to deny Balse when he asks to see Iruma’s familiar. Once Iruma summons Kalego, he apologizes profusely. Balse does not catch onto Iruma’s familiar‘s identity at all. Kalego asks to be sent back, but Balse quotes the teacher guidelines that he cannot permit special exceptions. Kalego is painfully aware as he is the one who wrote them.

Kalego tells Iruma he mustn’t interfere with Iruma’s right to learn, but says they must get the highest scores together from then on. Balse emphasizes that familiars are partners, however Kalego corrects him that they are dangerous. With Kalego’s advice, the lesson is changed and students are taught to treat their familiars with respect.

At lunch, the battlers challenge begins. Iruma asks if that’s why the cafeteria is so empty. Azz explains that the challenge is when upperclassmen hunt first years to join their battlers and work on elevating their ranks. Iruma figures they are like clubs, however he underestimates the recruiting process.





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