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A Template Maker

A Code Improviser

Image Editor And Uploader

Is A Chat Staker

Can Accept Weird Requests!

What does Arvee usually do on the wiki?


Kill people who do bad edits on wiki


Intense Coding


Check edits


Read Iruma-kun Manga


Read...something else


Annoy people.
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So, Yo yo and all. I am the Arvee100smart in this parts, and probably you don't know me =4=. I'm not really much of a introductory person since I'm that introvert, so good luck judging me. In confronting me, normally just call me Arvee. Well, not all calls me that, so in a way, try giving out new nicknames for me, which can really make me happy.
So, yeah. Mairimashita! Iruma-kun, or at least what's become of it. I usually just spruce up existing templates and codes around here, or will try and help out administrators who miiiiiight requests some weird things, sometimes talk with friends that are online, or manage my characters in my self-universe RP.
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