Just a college student who ends up doing random stuff when bored. I've got lots of experience working with wiki (after working on Merc Storia wiki), so I hope I can contribute a lot here too. You may call me any of these names: Kiruzawa, Kiru, or Cylft.

Liked the series after watching the first 2 episodes of the anime and reading the manga (up to ch127 at that time). I liked most of the characters, but strangely enough, Kirio ended up as my favorite.

As always, whenever I'm very interested in something, I tend to research on it. Please don't mind me much whenever I post blogs regarding my notes/research.

Current Plans

  • Might as well dig through the author's Twitter account for extra information (most likely trivial stuff about the characters)
  • Clean up images and galleries by removing fan art and other unnecessary content. It's exhausting...orz


  • My wiki icon/profile pic is my OC! He's a young demon boy at around 140cm tall.
  • Currently busy with college, but feel free to talk to me!
    • I still lurk from time to time.
    • Unfortunately, I might not be able to visit often anymore so I might reply super late. Sorry!
    • Less time for me to visit here due to working on moving Merc Storia English Wiki to MediaWiki.
  • Most of my edits might only be correcting grammar and spellings; minor details in general.
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